Perfect Summer Styles for Your Eurotrip

Perfect Summer Styles for Your Eurotrip

A European vacation is a wonderful opportunity to experience new cultures by seeing the sights, learning the history of an area, sampling the food, and more. If you’re passionate about fashion, you might also enjoy the chance to see how another region of the world dresses. But if you want to truly experience a new country the way that the locals do, you’ll want to do some research ahead of time to avoid standing out like a common tourist. One easy way to do this is by learning a few European style tricks ahead of time and crafting vacation outfits that a local would wear. If you’re ready to do just that, keep reading for a few simple style tricks to try.

Gym Clothes are for the Gym, Not the Market

Gym Clothes are for the Gym, Not the Market

The Ana Pocket Shorts from Bishop & Young

Whether you’re heading out to shop at a local market, dine in a cafe, or take a stroll on the beach, if your plans don’t include going for a jog or hitting the gym, leave your running shoes and spandex at home. In many parts of Europe, especially France, athletic clothing is viewed as something you wear to the gym, and nowhere else. Most Parisians would never be caught wearing leggings during the day. So while your patterned leggings and colorful Nikes might be trendy in the States, they’ll label you a tourist in much of Europe.

To stay comfortable AND stylish, you should opt for lightweight fabrics and cuts that give you room to move. Linen shorts, beach dresses, and pleated skirts won’t compromise your range of motion. To look even more at home among Parisian fashionistas, stick to classic colors and styles. The Ana Pocket Shorts from Bishop & Young still allow you to move around and stay cool but give you a cute, stylish look when paired with a silk tank or classic tee.

Stash Essentials in a Purse While Sightseeing, Not a Backpack

While a backpack might be great for stuffing a camera, jacket, guidebooks, and more, you won’t see many locals toting one. If you can stand to do without the extra space, a smaller, structured bag is a better choice. Trendy options like this year’s popular straw bags are still a nice option, just as long as you choose a purse size rather than a beach tote. Following this European trend also means less weight to carry while you’re out and about!

Dress for Dinner in a Well-fitting Dress, Not an Oversized Shift

Dress for Dinner in a Well-fitting Dress, Not an Oversized Shift

The Dailey dress by Cupcakes and Cashmere

When you’re choosing vacation outfits that follow the other style tips on this list, be sure to keep this important rule in mind. Oversized or baggy clothing is far from trendy in much of Europe. Instead, clothing with a structure that fits the body well is the popular choice. You won’t need to choose form-fitting dresses or skin-tight pants to follow this rule though. Instead, seek out pieces that fit your body well rather than hanging too loose.

Fake a tailored look by opting for high-waisted shorts or skirts with a tucked in tank or tee or a dress with a defined waist. The Dailey dress by Cupcakes and Cashmere offers a classic cut and polished color in a shape that’s fitted, but not too tight. Shilla the Label has a Lace Sleeve Mini Dress that is another excellent choice. The fun color and relaxed fit give this beach vacation dress a summer vibe, but the tie still helps to define your waist and accent your shape.

Styling Vacation Outfits Fit for a European Vacation

Whether you’re searching for outfits for the beach for a Mediterranean cruise or something to wear while you explore the cathedrals or natural wonders across Europe, these style tips can help you look like a local. When you’re ready to put these tricks to work, visit our boutique in Ballard to find the perfect pieces for your vacation outfits.


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