5 Spring Fashion Trends for 2020!

If you love fashion and you want to make sure that you are prepared for the latest looks this year then here are a few trends you shouldn’t miss out on.

Utilitarian Inspired
Utilitarian workwear is something that manages to blend a rustic look with a functional design that helps to create a unique style that stands out effectively. Utility jackets, mini dresses, socks, and sandals are something that you should keep an eye out for when it comes to style statements. These clothes are smart, trendy and really functional which is why they have become quite popular this year.

Retro Dress Scout & Molly's Ballston

Retro Prints
Retro prints are something that keeps coming and going and every time they return, they get bolder and better. Bright red pants with large floral designs or a plain t-shirt teamed up with vibrant colored sunglasses and a floral printed skirt, the retro print is something that you should definitely consider getting your hands on. The tie and dye have become a huge part of the retro look and whether you want it to be in a body-hugging silhouette or a loose T-shirt that you pair with a smart pair of jeans, you may not want to miss these cute prints that help you look different and unique.

Neo Tailoring
Inspired by the seventies, neo tailoring is something that will help you. Right from a silk shirt with bold prints to pleated skirts, this trend is definitely catching on soon.

Romantic Details
When you plan a lovely evening with somebody you love then the feminine floral whimsical design is something that you can’t miss. Cute blouses, skirts, and pastel color sandals are something that you should invest in this year because they add a sense of class and elegance to your wardrobe.

Soft Tailoring
Let’s bring back the loose layers, draping along with pleating and non-dangling cuffs that manage to make any outfit stand out. These cute delicate details to your outfit are what make it look special and this is exactly what is back in style this spring.

If you would love to try out any of these trends, call us at 703-717-9706 or visit Scout & Molly’s Boutique Ballston at 4238 Wilson Blvd, Suite 2230, in Arlington.

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