9 Ways to Style a Midi Dress in Arlington!

For those ladies who are looking for the perfect compromise between mini-dresses and full-length options, the midi dress has become the go-to outfit of choice. With the rising popularity of these dresses, your friends here at Scout & Molly’s Boutique thought it would be fun to take a minute and go over the many different looks you can achieve with this one simple style:

For Special Occasions

Pleasing Pleats: These present a formal and elegant look.

Dex Clothing Midi Dress

Experiment With a Midi-Jumpsuit: Perfect for gala or work-related events.

At the Office

With a Sweater: A turtleneck is a great option here.

With a Blazer: A great way to combine casual with business.

With Long Sleeves: For stricter dress code, opt for a fitted version with 3-quarter to full-length sleeves.

For a Date Night

Go For Fitted: This look will allow you to show off that fabulous figure while still leaving plenty to the imagination.

Opt For a High Slit: This is a great compromise for those who like mini-dresses, but aren’t feeling one for this specific occasion.

Brunch With the Ladies

Off-Shoulder: A perfect way to show some skin while still being wrapped in the comfort of a midi dress.

Bold Patterns: Just because these dresses are of modest length doesn’t mean they have to be modest in tone or style.

If you are interested in finding even more ways to accessorize with midi dresses, or if you are looking for one or a few to add to your wardrobe, stop by and visit your friendly fashion consultants at Scout & Molly’s Boutique. Our shop is located at 4238 Wilson Boulevard in Arlington.

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