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Gosh it feels like it has been forever since I last blogged. Feels so good to be writing again. Finals and moving home to Pittsburgh has had me MIA- but I am back with fresh ideas and clothes! It has been absolutely wonderful to be home with my family, boyfriend, and friends. Sleeping in my childhood bed, playing with my puppies, eating home cooked meals. Summer break. Finally.

One thing is missing- my best friend! Lisa and I formed such a tight bond this past school year. I remember walking into Scout & Molly’s for the first time to meet her hoping for a job. She radiates kindness, beauty, and trust. I knew within those first 30 minutes of simple chit chat that Lisa was gonna be stuck with me for a while. We are two peas in a pod- running free and taking advantage of any road trip life throws at us. Those long adventures on the road with off pitch singing, chocolate snacking, and silly conversations were the moments that kept my feet on the ground during the past school year. I will cherish it forever. We parted 500 miles away for the summer but it is almost like we are always together. I can’t shop, eat at Mexican restaurants, or walk my dog without Lisa being on my mind. What a true friend. While I am away for the summer, we will be teaming up together to make this blog as bold as ever. Fashion forward and full of thought. The first post welcomes the summer, the fashion, and the dreaming.

I once was walking (being walked) by Banx from my house on Park Drive to The Flying Biscuit and within that short distance I had one car stop and ask me if that was Lisa’s dog and a couple stop to rub his belly and ask how Scout and Molly’s was doing. Lisa is known for her love for animals. That short little walk had me thinking about character the legacy you leave behind in life. I can’t think of a better legacy than love.

Do you have that one place that you can visit and just breathe? That location that just heals? Lisa texted me the other day a picture of her and Caleb, a caramel and white cow that resides at Saving Grace in Wake Forest, NC. Lisa has been friends with Molly, the owner of Saving Grace since Lisa started Scout & Molly’s in 2002. When Lisa found out what Molly did for a living, she was in awe of Molly living her dream of saving animals every day. When Lisa visited for her first time, the place overwhelmingly felt like home. It is a true sanctuary for animals who have been thrown away, abandoned, abused, or lost. Saving Grace takes these beautiful animals loves them, heals them, and prepares them to be someone’s forever pet.

The first thing I noticed in the text message photo wasn’t the 800+ pound cow, but the delicate lace Tart Collection dress Lisa was wearing. I chuckled. Scout & Molly’s. Only this chick could be rocking this outfit on a farm. I smiled because I knew Lisa was at a place where she couldn’t be happier, and I had to find out more. Caleb the cow and Charlotte the pig have Lisa wrapped around their finger- er- feet. Lisa spent the day floating around the farm in her favorite Scout & Molly’s pics for a photo shoot. The dogs at Saving Grace have always been a favorite, and I’m sure plenty of you have met at least one trotting around the store looking for a home. Lisa loves helping the dogs grow comfortable around new people as they try to find a home.

Saving Grace is that place for her. That go to place that she can inhale her blessings and exhale her hardships. She explained to me that Molly and her staff heal these animals in a serendipitous way and it in turn heals Lisa spiritually every time she is there. Where is your place?

Summer is the time to heal, be yourself, eat, laugh, relax, indulge, and love.

My summer bucket list was extremely long- but heres my top three things I want to do:

  1.  Travel throughout Italy (going in July!)
  2.  Write everyday
  3.  Inspire someone

I love hearing about summer dreams and obviously asked Lisa her top 3, her responses:

  1. Drink a frozen margarita outside at a fantastic Mexican eatery with Banx and a cute boy
  2. Dive under waves with Calyn and Jack at the beach and hear them laugh when I get saltwater up my nose
  3. Spend a weekend in the mountains walking along the creeks and fishing with my dogs

Find your place. Breathe. Write a bucket list. Live.

I hope this post inspired you to jumpstart those things and welcome summer. Scout and Molly’s is fully stocked with the perfect pieces for you to follow your dreams fashionably in 2013. Let’s do this.

I wish you a happy and safe weekend. Stop by the store, give the girls a hug for me, and try something on!

The blog is back in full force- and I am so thrilled to share more. Keep your eyes open for new things.

If you love animals like we do you will love Saving Grace. Please visit their website and consider making a donation, volunteering your time or adopting your next “family” member from this amazing place! We promise you’ll love it and feel better for it.

Stay beautiful,

Madisyn xx

Posted on May 31st, 2013