Summer is here and it’s time to let loose & wear loose! With the increasingly hot temperatures, it is key to keep your closet packed with light pieces. Summer for many means one thing… the beach! Here are some fun but necessary must-haves for your summer days spent at the beach:

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny {Pick Your Pattern!} Bikini: Your number one absolute must-have for the summer is always a cute suit! From bikinis to monokinis, this year’s styles are better than ever. Bright colors are in this year with a wide range of styles. A fairly new, but popular, look this season is the halter swim top. This style provides a little more coverage than the average bikini top, while showing off the back with a cute strap. For the bottoms, high waist swim tops are HOT. Giving a bit of a vintage look, many have cinched waists. With solid colors, you can easily mix-and-match your tops and bottoms to create the cutest suits of the season!

Sun’s Out, Shades On: As great as it is to be out and about in the sun, nothing is worse than having to squint your way through the day. Sunglasses are another must-have for this hot summer. Cat-eye sunglasses have made a comeback, striking big this season! With a bit of flair, they bring out some personality and add a little pizazz to your summer look. Also back this year are the oversized glasses. These shades come in multiple shapes, all dropping to the midpoint or bottom of the cheekbone.

Hats Are Back!: Protecting your skin is extremely important, especially the sensitive skin on your face. Floppy hats are very much in style this season and with some stripes or a cute bow, you’ll be ready to go! These are great for women of all ages and go perfectly with that cute suit on the sand or even that sundress for a lunch out.

Cover-It-Up: Taking a break from exposing your skin to the sun is a necessity. Cover it up with a cute tunic or light sundress for the day. This season, you can keep it light with lace. Neutral lace cover-ups are big, so take advantage of mixing and matching your looks with a neutral lace tunic or dress. V-Neck dresses with loose arms are also super in style for this year’s cover-ups! Protecting that skin a bit more from the sun than lace, they come in such a variety that it’s easy to keep it neutral or get sassy and go bold. Mixing and matching can still be easily done — it’s all up to you!




Posted on June 8th, 2015