slack-imgs-3.comAlong with pumpkin flavored beverages and falling leaves, autumn brings with it cooler weather and new attire. As we shift from bikinis to boots, it’s important to appreciate the versatility that fall clothing offers. Warmer clothes can be layered and paired to create several different looks and styles, many of which demonstrate the latest fall fashion trends. Consider some of these cool weather items and clothing combinations to complete your wardrobe this autumn:

Pair boots with knee-high socks. Not only is this shoe and sock combination one of the more popular, flattering fall trends, but it also offers comfort and functionality. Couple long socks with ankle boots, high heels, thigh high boots or even open-toed shoes for attractive, yet warm footwear. And you won’t have to worry about what clothing to pair with these, as boots and knee-highs can go with skirts, shorts, dresses, tights, straight-leg jeans and more. No matter what your favorite look is, this fashionable shoe trend can complement it.

slack-imgs-1.comRemain comfortable and trendy in your over-sized sweaters. There is a reason loose-fitting sweaters have become a major fashion statement; they are equally cozy and cute. As the weather starts to shift, women want nothing more than to dress in warm clothing while still maintaining an attractive look. Luckily, over-sized sweaters provide just that luxury. There are endless patterns, styles and colors to choose from, and many of them complement jeans and leggings nicely. There is no reason to sacrifice comfort for beauty this fall with over-sized sweaters remaining a favorite fashion style.


When in doubt, layer your clothing. You won’t have to worry about the temperatures dropping or sporting a boring outfit when you wear layers. There are more than enough options to choose from if you go this route, and they all make for a unique and interesting style. Providing that you take the right advice, you shouldn’t struggle with bulk and can confidently flaunt what you have. One option is to pair a button-down shirt with a crew or v-neck sweater, both of which go with skirts and pants. Vests are another great option for layering. They can be worn in conjunction with long or short sleeve tops for an appealing look. Blazers and jackets also provide warmth and style simultaneously when combined with the rest of your fall wardrobe. Denim, leather, field, and over-sized wrapped jackets all make for attractive, snug layers.

slack-imgs.comMake scarves your favorite accessory. You certainly won’t regret bundling up with scarves and shawls this fall. Not only do they give an outfit additional elegance and charm, but they also provide that snug feeling everyone craves on a late autumn evening. Whether you choose patterned or knit, wool or silk, circle or oversized, adding a scarf to your outfit will make you look and feel great. Luckily, there is enough variety in scarves to let you pair them with almost anything you wear this autumn.


Rather than mourning the passing of summer and our inability to wear sundresses and swimwear, we can now celebrate all the cozy, stylish and fun trends that fall has to offer. Many of these autumn-inspired looks can be paired and combined to always ensure a unique and warm outfit that will get you excited about getting dressed every day of the fall season. And, if you aren’t thrilled by cool-weather attire, you can always look forward to spring. Fashion trend experts expect to see a great deal of color once the cold seasons have passed, as well as lace details on just about every article of clothing and the re-emergence of gaucho pants!



Posted on October 1st, 2015