Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 11.43.56 AMDuring any season, the right hat can enhance an outfit, making it more complete and fashionable. As summer passes and autumn is ushered in, we leave behind the wide-brimmed hats of June, July and August in exchange for more cool weather headwear. Of course, during fall and leading into winter, head accessories need to be simultaneously stylish and functional to protect against the old and wind. Luckily, there are many hats that are in this autumn, from knitted beanies to French berets, all of which can be worn to really bring an outfit together

Keep in mind though, there are many factors that go into choosing the right hat on any given day. While they are all lovely and appropriate for this time of year, which one you choose really depends on what colors and materials you already plan to wear, what look you are aiming for, and for what kind of weather or occasion you are dressing. Consider the following hats to complement your outfits this fall:

Knitted Beanie

This is the every-woman’s hat and is making a huge splash in fashion this autumn. Knit beanies are so versatile, comfortable and wide-ranging, that they look good on any woman. At the same time, these hats can be paired with most outfits. Wear a knit beanie to complement jeans, in conjunction with an oversized scarf, or as a way to make your dress a bit more casual. There are also so many types of knit hats. They come with patterns, pom-poms and in all different sizes. You can also wear them tight against your hair, hanging off your head at an angle or pulled down low on your forehead. Whatever your preference, the knitted beanie can accommodate. And, as an added bonus, they keep your ears and head toasty in cool weather!


The fedora is an up-and-coming hat trend that can make or break an outfit. Pairing a fedora with your fall clothing will make you look effortlessly chic and cool. Although it won’t protect you against the wind, it can serve as the perfect accessory on a bad hair day and will actually take your ensemble to a whole new level. The style with which to wear your fedora tends to be an outfit that is imperfect in nature. Perhaps you will want to pair it with ripped jeans, black pants, boots, edgy jackets, or oversized sunglasses. Regardless, you will give off a nonchalant yet stylish vibe every time you don your fedora.


If you are interested in an accessory that will give you a modern, sophisticated and demure look all at the same time, then the French beret is right up your alley. Like with the knit beanie, berets come in all different shapes, sizes and styles, all of which make an outfit pop. You can choose one that is simple, embellished, or colorful. You can choose from a myriad of designs or materials, many of which are also functional and warm. And you can use any of them to top off your look in an understated but alluring manner. A beret can dress up a casual outfit, like jeans and leggings, or can be worn with your more upscale black dresses, vintage skirts and classic coats. Either way, it will definitely make your outfit that much more attractive.

Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are making an exciting return this fall. In the past, baseball caps were worn to either support your favorite team or cover up messy hair, but those days are long behind us. With the return of baseball caps comes a cool, approachable look that can’t be found with any other hat. Find baseball caps with simple features, a ladylike elegance, and without any logos and you will have a new favorite accessory. Go completely casual by wearing a cap with jeans, flannel and high-top sneakers or, instead, be dressed up and laid-back simultaneously by pairing your hat with a black dress or tailored blazer. With this piece of headwear, you will be comfortable and cute.

Enhance your look in more ways than one this fall by adding one of these hats to your outfits. They can help you be both stylish and comfortable all autumn, even as the weather turns cold. And, if you are a fan of accessorizing, check back next week for tips on the many ways to wear a scarf!

Posted on October 23rd, 2015