We’ve all seen them — celebrities who seem to look incredible all the time. They always look fierce whether they’re going to the grocery store, picking up something from the post office, or taking the family dog for a walk. They rock cool tees, chunky necklaces with gems shining from their necks, the latest trends in sandals, sneakers, booties, or heels, and amazingly styled hair. They seem so happy, so self-assured, and oh so stylish!

You think to yourself, “I would love to have an outfit like that.”

Upgrade with Your Own Personal Styling Session

Upgrade with Your Own Personal Styling SessionEveryone wants to have the same effortless style as the stars, but we know that they have access to resources like a personal stylist, a dietician, a personal trainer, or a magic wand. Then we realize that we’re not celebrities, so we make due with our own wardrobes, pick things out of our closets, and move on with our lives.

But we don’t have to make due! Scout & Molly’s Boutique can give you that celebrity feeling of high-class glamour. That’s why your favorite fashion boutique is offering an Ultimate Styling Workshop at a location near you for the month of July! That’s right, from July 15 through July 21 you can visit your local Scout & Molly’s Boutique for a personal styling session to complete your perfect summer wardrobe. We understand that sophisticated style with a hint of personal flair can change everything, and our stylists know how to get you there.

Here to Find Your Summer Style

Sometimes, putting together the perfect summer outfit can be tough because there are so many elements and options to choose from! Do you accessorize? Do you add a jacket? Is it hot outside? Is this dress too short? I don’t like this cut on my arms. Does my butt look okay?

There are a million questions to answer, and it can be frustrating to deal with it all. Take the guesswork and questions away by walking into Scout & Molly’s and saying, “Can someone help me?”

If there’s one thing the staff at Scout & Molly’s loves, it’s styling you. It’s a major part of who we are and what we believe. All you need to do is name an event or occasion, and we’ll put together the outfit of your dreams! It’s always good to get a second opinion before you leave the house, and getting one from an expert is even better!

Get Out of Your Fashion Rut with a Personal Style Session

Get Out of Your Fashion Rut with a Personal Style SessionWhen it comes to style, it can be far too easy to fall into a routine. We find our favorite pair of jeans or a dress we can always count on for a few compliments and we stick with what works. There’s nothing wrong with that! Feeling confident can also mean feeling comfortable. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t important to spread your wings and find new styles that can take your look even higher. Personal styling isn’t scary or expensive at Scout & Molly’s Boutique. It’s women helping women look and feel their best!

When you see a celebrity walking down the street in one of those jaw-dropping outfits, you’d better believe that there’s a stylist behind them, picking every detail from the length of a boyfriend jean to the number of holes in those jeans. With the help of Scout & Molly’s expert fashionistas, you too can look perfect running errands, grabbing coffee, or enjoying a family dinner. Visit your Scout & Molly’s Boutique location near you to take advantage of our Ultimate Styling Workshop going on from July 15 through July 21.

Posted on July 15th, 2018