Halloween is approaching, and when the ghouls come out to play, there are some styles we hope stay dead and buried. While we’ll gladly accept platform boots and slip dresses back into the mix, there are some fashion trends from the ’80s and ’90s that we’d prefer to leave in their graves this Halloween. We’re not going to start popping our collars or rocking bootcut jeans — that would be downright scary. These are a few trends from the past that we hope don’t come back to haunt us.

No Zombies with Midriff, Please


We have to admit that we appreciate the shift toward modesty in the new season’s styles. Besides, the modest girl is always the only one left at the end of the movie. Remember when jeans were worn so low that some unfortunate fashionistas would create the dreaded whale tail? It’s one look that we definitely weren’t sad to see left in the past, where it belongs. And we’re all for wearing crop tops, but we’ll pair them with high-waisted jeans since we’re leaving the belly-button rings behind, too.

Accessories Carrying the Costume Curse


Some accessory trends from 80s and 90s fashion are so bad that we wish we could forget them altogether. There’s a fine line between tapping into some retro fashion for a chic look, and putting together a ’90s Halloween costume. That’s why it’s important to just say no to butterfly clips and jelly bracelets.


These accessories are relics that are better left undisturbed.

Denim Done to Death


This is one look that might trick you into thinking it’s back in style, only to betray you when your back is turned. Remember when Justin and Britney unleashed the denim demon? It’s hard to believe that this look is 17 years old now. This fashion disaster is old enough to drive and almost old enough to vote! Now that’s scary. We’re excited to see that denim jackets are on trend but, like with any good thing, moderation is key.

It can be thrilling to see some of the best fashions from the past make their way back into style but, like a bad horror movie, some evil outfits are just around the corner waiting for one final scare. If you’re ready to leave those awful trends in the past, visit a visit a Scout & Molly’s Boutique location near you and let us help you update your wardrobe with winter trends that are perfectly appropriate for 2018.

Posted on October 18th, 2018