Choosing to layer up for the cold season shouldn’t mean you can’t look stylish at the same time, but there is a method to properly wearing layers that needs to be observed. This isn’t a matter of simply following fashion rules about colors, patterns, and the like. Instead, these four rules are focused on keeping you warm while still looking great!

Lysse New York Jacket and Leggings

Your first layer is incredibly important. Even if it goes unseen, it still serves as the foundation of the remaining layers and will dictate—to some degree—how they look. The only things that are a must for the first layer are lightweight pieces as well as form-fitting, and coordination (just in case you decide to shed the other layers). The pieces in this layer don’t need to cover as much as the middle and outer layers, so you can go with a dress, t-shirt, or anything else you may like that isn’t typically winter clothing.

The middle layer is where we begin to think about warmth. You’ll want clothing that is thicker than the first layer, but you don’t want it to be too heavy, either. Sweaters, cardigans, or even light jackets work well in the middle layer. Pick a color or print that stands out against the first layer. The middle layer also needs to be somewhat form-fitting with a little looseness to it. Anything that buttons or zips adds a dash of versatility to the mix.

The outer layer is the biggest in terms of size. It’s here where unity should be the focus: you want your outfit to match regardless of which layers are worn. With the outer layer, something open adds a sense of depth while allowing you to expose the layers underneath. If everything is in sync, you’ll have a great look with and without the last layer.

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Posted on October 22nd, 2019