Layering is both fashionable and functional . Even though it’s wintertime right now, spring is on its way. That means cold mornings and sunny afternoons. In order to stay comfortable during these temperature changes, layer up. Here are some quick outfit layering tips:

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Monochromic fashions are in, which makes putting together layering pieces especially easy. Pick one color and stick to it. You can tuck a tan tank top into a beige skirt, layer a brown sweater on top, and finish off the outfit with a khaki coat. Not only is this outfit easy to put together and stylish, but you can remove the layers throughout the day as the temperature warms up to stay comfortable.

Maybe you like to play with color a bit more. If monochromic fashion isn’t exciting enough for you, get creative. Don’t be afraid to play with unique color combinations. When you find colors that look great together and on you, wear those colors with confidence. You can experiment with pastels, neutrals, primary colors, and so on. Start off slow by wearing a neutral base and bold outerwear. Once you get more comfortable, start incorporating more colors into your base layering pieces. Eventually, you’ll have a bright and fun wardrobe that allows you to express your personal style.

Layering truly allows you to get creative with your style. In addition to playing with color, you can also play with proportion. Try out different silhouettes to find something that works for you. A cropped top actually layers well over a hip-length top. Additionally, baggy jeans can flatter your figure when worn with an eye-catching top and some sleek shoes.

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Posted on February 18th, 2021