Summer is the season for spontaneous vacations and trips. Be ready for anything this summer by adding wardrobe essentials to your closet. Here’s what to pack for impromptu summer plans:

Boutique Beach Outfit

Invited to the beach? Make sure you have everything you need to have some fun in the sand. In addition to sunscreen and a bathing suit, consider shopping for a straw hat and some shades to block out the sun. As the day turns to evening, visit the beachside bar in a pair of breezy pattern pants and a simple crop top. Add some sandals, a beaded necklace, and a straw tote bag to your outfit and you’re ready to enjoy some drinks by the water with your friends.

If rooftop drinks in the city are on the menu this summer, dress the part. Pack your bags with flirty summer dresses and a matching bag. To stay comfortable while you’re walking around, opt for a pair of sneakers. You can also make your dress more casual by pairing it with a baseball hat, which can also help you keep your hair in check on a hot day. Add some simple gold jewelry to your look and your outfit is complete.

Distressed Denim Jacket Vervet by Flying Monkey

A summer hike is a great way to escape from your busy work life and reconnect with nature. When taking a mountain vacation, pack your bags with cute yet comfy cargo shorts. Add a tank top to your outfit so you can stay cool as you camp. Don’t forget a functional pair of boots or sandals. When the hot days turn to cool nights by the campfire, layer a denim jacket over your outfit. You’ll also need a spacious backpack, so shop for something in a fun print, color, or pattern to help you express your personal style.

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Posted on July 22nd, 2021