No closet is complete without wardrobe staples. These articles of clothing are versatile and can be worn in countless ways on a variety of occasions. You want to invest in high-quality garments when shopping for these wardrobe items because you want them to last for years to come. Here are four wardrobe items to invest in.

Abby Skinny 30" Inseam Denim

The first wardrobe essential you want to invest in is that perfect pair of denim. Every person needs a pair of jeans in their closet that fit great. Jeans can be worn casually around the house, but they can also be perfect for business casual outfits or date nights. To dress up denim, pair your pants with a blouse and some kitten heels. You can also throw on a blazer overtop for a sophisticated, yet effortless appearance. When shopping for your go-to pair of denim, consider the length and cut. You also want to think about the rise that is most comfortable for you.

The second closet essential to invest in is a classic white button-down shirt. A white button-down is perfect for just about any event. If you want to put together a casual look, wear the button-down with some leggings and sneakers. If you’re going for something slightly more elevated, switch out your leggings for some jeans and add dainty jewelry. You can also wear a classic white button-down to work. Pair it with a pencil skirt and throw on a blazer and you’re ready to go.

Up next, add a cozy cashmere sweater to your closet. Cashmere is a soft and high-quality material that is made to last for years. Whenever you feel a chill, you can layer your cashmere sweater over a T-shirt. For more formal events, you can wear the sweater over a button-down with the collar poking out. Just remember that it is best to have your cashmere clothing dry cleaned to maintain its quality.

Liquid Leather Jacket

The final wardrobe essential you should invest in is a blazer. Blazers can elevate any outfit, especially when they’re well-cut and tailored. A well-fitting blazer can help you look expensive and professional. Plus, blazers are on-trend. You can wear a blazer with a T-shirt and jeans for a more stylish look, or you can wear a blazer with some trousers for a more professional look. Consider a neutral-color blazer so you can wear it with a wide variety of garments in your closet.

These four articles of clothing are must-haves in any wardrobe. You can wear these pieces in countless settings and be appropriately dressed for the occasion. To shop these wardrobe staples, visit Scout & Molly’s Boutique. You can find our Classen Curve location at 5810 N Classen Blvd, Suite F3E, in Oklahoma City.

Posted on March 19th, 2022