Small businesses are the economic engine that drives innovation in America. While things are much more challenging for modest businesses since the pandemic, it’s still possible to thrive as a “mom and pop” operation. Scout & Molly’s is a testament to how you can run a business that serves customers face-to-face or through web transactions.

Of course, the success of small businesses depends on patrons. Do you patronize the local companies around your community? If not, here are six compelling reasons to do so.

They Give Back to the Community

It’s not that larger companies don’t make donations, but local businesses do it in such a way that benefits their immediate vicinity. So, if you’d like to shop at a store that supports the local Boys & Girls’ club and pays taxes locally, then it’s wise to buy from small businesses.

They’re a Significant Part of The American Economy

As of 2022, there are over 32 million small businesses in the U.S. This includes many medium-sized companies that operate as smaller units locally.

You Get Way Better Customer Service

Have you ever been left on hold trying to call a customer service line for a big company? Yes, it’s not exactly the laser’s edge in customer care. Local businesses, however, have a serious incentive to respond fast to consumer issues. Instead of waiting forever with a huge corporation, you can resolve problems much faster by interfacing with a local business on Google Reviews, Facebook, or in person.

Small Business Offer Customizable Product Diversity

Smaller shops almost always offer better product diversity with higher quality goods. That’s how they differentiate themselves from their “big fish” competitors. Scout & Molly’s achieves this by offering many women’s apparel items from Indie brands like Gigi Moda, Karen Kane, and Veronica M.

Small Businesses: Owned by Your Friends & Neighbors

We can almost say that local businesses are the community. The owners of local stores are your neighbors, friends, church leaders, city council members, and more. Therefore, shopping small makes it easier to put a legitimate face on whichever business you patronize.

You Can Even Start Your Own Local Business

One of our favorite topics (besides women’s fashion) is business franchising. Why? Because it’s the smartest way for a prospective entrepreneur to own a business finally, and it’s almost always something you bring to your hometown. All the Scout & Molly’s locations operate as local franchises with real owners, not a behemoth mega-company from a faraway land.

We hope you enjoyed these compelling reasons to shop locally and will do more business with small companies. If you’d like to learn more about Scout & Molly’s, franchising, small businesses, or women’s fashion, contact us anytime at 610-768-0114 in King of Prussia, PA.

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Posted on December 29th, 2022