2023 is finally upon us and it’s time to reflect on business expectations. As you know, Scout & Molly’s operates several small boutique shops, all run by individual franchise owners. Therefore, we prefer to stay abreast of the changes and trends in the franchising milieu.

Here are the most important franchising trends we expect in 2023.

Is Now the Time to Become a Franchise Owner?

At about this time last year, the International Franchise Association (IFA) anticipated a growth of 17,000 new franchise units across America. We have every reason to expect this to continue as more and more Americans rethink the “employee” lifestyle versus that of a business owner.

Now, could be the optimal time to try your hand at owning a small business franchise. If you choose to do so with Scout & Molly’s, you don’t need any previous experience in women’s apparel. We’ll teach you everything you need to know.

Continued Emphasis on Technology-Related Services

Even though it feels like we’ve reached “peak tech,” businesses must incorporate mobile apps and other technology into their customer service program. That’s one of the primary reasons Scout & Molly’s operates both as an online boutique, while still maintaining physical locations. It gives our customers the opportunity to do lots of things, whether that involves trying on merchandise, receiving in-person assistance, or ordering something online without waiting in line.

Inventory Management Amid Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain problems continue to cause trouble for many American businesses, including clothing stores. We can no longer take for granted the easy access and quick delivery of top-quality brands. If we want to meet our customers’ expectations, we must anticipate our inventory requirements in advance. Take, for example, seasonal trends for Summer or Fall. The best boutique franchises will avoid running short of popular summer wear by bolstering their inventory early in the spring. Thankfully, as a franchise owner, you’re never alone in difficult scenarios. Our team will gladly help you handle any potential supply chain issues.

Do these prevailing trends make sense to you? We believe they’re relevant to anyone who’s currently running a franchise business, or at least considering it.

If you’d like to stay on top of issues pertaining to franchising or want to explore a lucrative partnership, then continue to follow Scout & Molly’s. You can also contact us anytime to learn how to begin a successful clothing boutique with us. Feel free to fill out the form below!

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Posted on January 16th, 2023