Perhaps you’ve thought of starting your own company the old-fashioned way: inventing your own concept from scratch, using your savings to put an idea into action. Most folks know how risky this approach is, and are understandably averse to it.

Is there a way better way to jumpstart your entrepreneurial ambitions?

Yes, if you consider buying franchises within a reputable franchise structure. We’ll show you how that works if you contact us about franchise opportunities. In the meantime, here are some enticing reasons to try this over striking it out on your own. 

Why You Should Buy a Franchise (Not Make a New Business)

Your Chances for Success are Far Greater

Sometimes franchise owners decide to retire from their business or sell it for various reasons. That’s a reason you might find buying opportunities in the first place. Other than that, turnover rates for franchise businesses are much lower (and the chances of success much greater) than building a traditional LLC or sole proprietorship. This usually means you’ll have an easier time getting loans to finance startup costs because banks prefer to lend when there’s a less risky business plan. That’s what you can depend on with proven franchise systems.

You Know The Program Already Works

The reason this method offers a higher success rate is that someone has already made it work. They did the hard work and did the trial-and-error struggling that goes with new concepts. Plus, if that franchisor has already expanded with other new owners, and has a track record of outstanding business cooperation. Finally, some of the best franchises have several success stories. You can see this by looking over the various Scout & Molly’s Boutique locations.

Enjoy Help from the Folks Who Invented it For You

The beauty of business franchising is that you not only get to purchase your way into a working system but also partner with the creators. This comes in handy when you need to ask logistical questions or run into a bottleneck. Franchise businesses, including boutique stores, are not like getting a “business kit” and following stereo instructions to assemble everything. You gain the help and support of the franchisor without enduring the typical “ball and chain” of an employer.

Would you like to dig further into this topic and explore the franchise buying process?

Then we’d love to hear from you at Scout & Molly’s Boutique. You can partner with us to own and operate one or more small clothing stores with modest staffing requirements and plenty of profitability potential. Contact us anytime to learn more by calling 610-768-0114.

Posted on May 31st, 2023