Summer has finally arrived, although with plenty of high temperatures across much of America, this just makes it official. Have you gotten your summer wardrobe ready to accommodate the warm weather? If not, we’re here to help you make those necessary tweaks, so you don’t miss a beat on the prevailing styles and trends.

Summer Style Trends – Everything Starts with Great Indie Brands

Sometimes, it may seem overwhelming to try to “keep up” with the various style changes as we transition from one season to the next. Thankfully, there’s an effective shortcut. Whenever you need to replace items, focus on quality-driven Indie brands.

Why? Because they’re the ones who are most customer-centric, always utilize clean fabric materials, and have an incentive to deliver top products. You can’t always say that about legacy brands.

Instead, the wise lady shopper might explore the dresses, skirts, tops, sweaters, and accessories from makers like Liverpool Los Angeles, Gigi Moda, or Dear John Denim. We also carry a lot from Karen Kane, arguably your best supplier of fashionable jewelry (something not to overlook during the summer).

Check out the Newest Fashion Trends

So, what are the current trends in Summer 2023?

We’d be more than happy to show you what folks are flocking toward this summer. As usual, it’s the season for bright colors to match the sun-soaked ambiance throughout much of the country. Scout & Molly’s Boutique can help you find your perfect size for any item and make sure it comports with the rest of your wardrobe tastes.

Let Us Handle the Rest

The fun part about “styles” is that you can search the web for popular trends, and you’ll find dozens of divergent opinions. Therefore, we encourage you to pursue your needs and preferences first, as each woman is different. Nowadays, that’s easier than ever thanks to the opportunity to buy apparel either in one of our traditional stores, or via online shopping. 

Scout & Molly’s Boutique is a franchise women’s apparel company with several locations across the eastern part of the country. Our team has years of experience offering high-quality brands and fabrics.

We’re also always looking for newcomers to help run new shops. So if you’re a budding clothing entrepreneur, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact us to learn more about summer fashion, franchising, or anything else we do.

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Posted on June 16th, 2023