Many ladies have trouble making fashion decisions because they’ve fallen victim to the myth that you must follow very specific rules and guidelines for choosing stylistic outfits. However, today’s fashion is much more about creativity and far less about rigidity.

The personalized boutique shops, which comprise Scout & Molly’s, would like to help you realize your full stylish potential with this brief introduction to modern women’s apparel → Fashion 101.

Women Shopping

Fashion 101: Begin with Discovering a Personal Style

Style is personal and has a lot to do with one’s preferred colors and fabrics, age, profession, and even temperament. If, for example, you’re a quiet and reserved woman, you might be less inclined to the bold red dress with high heels. Also, a college student may not take the same approach as an experienced business professional.

Once you’ve pondered those intangibles, it’s time to investigate specific elements of style.

Tips for Cultivating a Personal Style

  1. Has Your Style Changed? Chances are, you have items that were favorable or more flattering 10 years ago than they are now. This is often the case with shoes. If so, determine how you would update them by exploring new alternatives. 
  2. What Do Your Favorite Influencers Like? You don’t have to mimic anyone, but perhaps there is a social media personality or a famous person who dresses the way you aspire to look.
  3. Have Fun Experimenting. This doesn’t even mean you have to purchase a particular item. It could be well worth your while to try on bold new things the next time you visit a clothing boutique.
  4. Bring a Friend with You for Shopping. Related to that last point, it always helps to shop with a companion who knows what looks more favorable on you. If nothing else, they can steer you away from obvious mistakes that you wouldn’t catch otherwise. 

Fashion 101: Go Through Your Closet

Yes, you’ll have to clean your closet and remove all superfluous clothes that do not fit into your wardrobe. If you are struggling with this, you can always employ the strategy of eliminating one old article of clothing every time you buy a new one from that category. So, for instance, if you find a new sweater you really like, you would go home and eliminate an older version, one that has seen better days.

Finally, Visit Scout & Molly’s for One-On-One Help

Again, fashion isn’t a calculus equation, and shoppers need not succumb to peer pressure. It’s easy to assemble a trendy wardrobe, especially when you shop at quality outlets.

Scout & Molly’s Boutique operates several small, cozy, and personalized clothing stores, designed to help women of all ages realize their fashion potential. We offer convenient ways to find apparel and accessories either online or in person. If you need help with finding one of our locations near you, feel free to contact us anytime for friendly support.

Posted on February 16th, 2024