4 Amazing Couples Halloween Costumes

At Scout & Molly’s Boca, we all love Halloween…especially me! It’s a super fun chance to wear something out of the ordinary…and this year, I’m really into couples costumes inspired by some of my favorite classic movies and TV shows. From cult-favorite films to funny primetime programs, I’ve rounded up five easy couples costumes for you and your beau. Plus, you can find elements for all of these looks at my boutique on Town Center Circle!

Pam & Jim from The Office


Channel everyone’s favorite sitcom couple with two crazy easy outfits! All you need to do is pick up a cardigan, skirt, and white shirt (Don’t forget white sneakers!). Your partner can wear business casual attire: a button-down shirt and a tie. Make sure you two wear name tags for effect – and to avoid confusion!

Forrest & Jenny from Forrest Gump


I love this costume option because Jenny goes through so many style phases in this timeless movie. You can find everything you need to get her 70s-inspired, hippie-chic look at Scout & Molly’s – a flowy dress, tall boots, a piece of statement jewelry, and a shearling vest or jacket. Add on a flower crown to channel her wedding-day outfit! Or stick with her hippie-rocker phase and wear statement pants, a strapless top, and chunky wedges.

Holly Golightly & Paul from Breakfast at Tiffany’s


This couples costume is the perfect opportunity to add a new little black dress to your wardrobe! It’s Audrey Hepburn’s most iconic look in this classic movie – once you find a perfect LBD, you’ll just need to add a string of pearls, oversized sunglasses, and gloves. And all your beau needs is a tie and a sports jacket to pull off the part of Paul. So easy, so chic.

Gatsby & Daisy from The Great Gatsby


If you love 1920s-era style or flapper dresses, this Halloween look is for you. Find a dress with a little sparkle at our boutique, and wear it with your favorite heels, a glittery hair accessory, and maybe a pair of elbow gloves. Your hubby will love how easy this is for him – all he has to do is throw on a suit!

Don & Betty Draper from Mad Men


Need an excuse to take out your pearls? Channel your best ’60s-era housewife with a statement-making floral or pastel dress. Carry a cigarette for effect, paint your nails, curl your hair, and voila! Betty Draper in an instant. Find accessories (like scarves and shoes) at Scout & Molly’s Boca Raton boutique to take your costume to the next level. Your hubby will be happy all he has to do is don his best suit.

Don’t Be Late for the Witching Hour

Like my ideas? Well, it’s time to start shopping! Stop by my boutique today to find all the pieces you need to build your perfect costume.

Margot Grabovetz, Owner of Scout & Molly's Boca Raton


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