Navigating the Holiday Rush in Boca

With just days left to shop for all of your holiday gifts, stores are filling up with shoppers and shelves are emptying.

Don’t panic just yet. We’ve got a few simple tips to help you navigate the Boca holiday rush this season and cross off every person on your list before Christmas Day.

Skip the Shopping Malls

Still searching for a few holiday gifts for the last remaining friends and family on your list? You could try to push your way through the hustle and bustle of Town Center Mall or another crowded mall, but you’ll be joined by the hundreds of other holiday shoppers rushing to grab last minute gifts.

Instead, beat the holiday rush by heading straight for locally owned stores. Our boutique is packed with gifts every woman on your list will love. And you won’t have to worry about stampeding crowds or endless checkout lines.

Go Straight for a Gift She’ll Actually Want to Use

If you’re like many shoppers, the reason you’ve waited until the last minute to shop is that you aren’t sure what to get. Before you give up and give in to buying yet another set of socks or generic perfume, go straight for a gift she’ll actually love.

A thoughtful clothing item is always a welcome gift at Christmas time. Comfortable pullovers and soft sweaters, as well as staple pieces like tees for layering, are easy to shop for.

For instance, these knit joggers and this Chaser hooded cardigan would be great for your yoga-loving girlfriend or for a busy mom.

Make it Unique

The key to giving thoughtful gifts that recipients will love is to go for something unique.

If the lady on your list is like most, she already has a dozen similar generic necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that came in holiday box sets. Rather than adding to a collection of jewelry she rarely wears, go for a unique gift that shows that you care about giving her a gift she’ll love.

Any piece by local jeweler KATIA Designs would make for a thoughtful, trendy gift any woman on your list would not only love to receive but also love to wear over and over again!


If you still have some last minute shopping to do, don’t get dragged into the holiday rush. Stop by our boutique today to find the perfect gifts for every woman on your list!



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