Meet Our Favorite Boulder Fashion Bloggers

What good is having your perfect girl’s night outfit if it just sits in your closet? You can find the perfect outfit at Scout & Molly’s, but where do you go once you have that perfect ensemble?

Fortunately, Boulder also has two amazing local bloggers, and they’re ready to guide you through all the places to eat, staycation, craft, hike, and tour.

From Transplants to Locals

Celia and Morgan are two college-graduate transplants from Missouri and Arizona who catalog their adventures through Boulder on their blog, Mountains and Mimosas. Their hip and stylish site is a breath of fresh air that can help you navigate the ins and outs of Boulder’s social, dining, and outdoor scenes.

We love Mountains and Mimosas for their love of our city, and their focus on the local gems nestled inside it. Celia and Morgan have done everything from crafting a wood sign at Board & Brush to taking a ski trip at the Zephyr Mountain Lodge; and they always look fabulous doing it.

Perfect Pics & Carefree Fashion

Their vibrant Instagram is full of gorgeous photos of food and drinks. The stylish outfits they wear on hikes and to brunch do more than give us inspiration on where to go. They also tell us what to wear for the occasion! Be sure to give them a follow and follow Scout & Molly’s Boulder on Instagram for where you can pick up some of these chic pieces.

Celia and Morgan’s natural sense of style doesn’t change no matter what they’re doing. Their outfits always reflect a timeless sense of relaxation that’s both easy and eye-catching. It’s what we might call, classic comfort.

Exploring the Best of Boulder

In a recent post, they took a local table tour through downtown Boulder to see some of the city’s hottest restaurants. Their four stops showcased the two stylish women wearing print blouses perfect for the late summer weather while they sipped classy cocktails expertly paired with mouth-watering appetizers.

The adventures of Mountains and Mimosas are still unfolding, but one thing’s for sure, we have a deep affinity for these ladies’ sense of style. If you’re a fan, you can find options like what you see at our Boulder boutique.


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