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If you’re jet-setting your way to Europe this summer, you’re probably already thinking about what to wear. Whether you’re going to Paris, Milan, Rome, or some other fashionable city, there’s no denying that Europe is all about style. But how do you decide what to wear to make the most of your trip? What outfits are ideal for looking your best while also staying cool and comfortable? Scout & Molly’s Boutique put together this essential style survival guide to help you navigate Europe with added flair and panache this summer.

Bold and Bright Colors

A popular destination for many European travelers in the summer is the Mediterranean coast. From the breathtaking history and serene waters of Greece to the stylish beaches of Saint-Tropez, there are plenty of places to beat the heat. When you’re surrounded by the old-world buildings with their clay roofs and time-weathered facades, a bright color can provide the perfect juxtaposition for your style.

Let these scenic settings inspire you to go bold in your clothing choices as well. Your vacation outfits should be a chance to wear your favorite hues in the most vibrant shades. Go daring by mixing and matching, or keep it polished by pairing a bold top with a classic white bottom, or vice versa.

Tropical Prints

You probably already know this, but tropical prints are in for 2018. From waving palm fronds to colorful exotic blooms, these patterns will be right at home whether you’re in the shops at Champs-Élysées or the beaches of Marseille.

Go flirty with printed beach vacation dresses in a variety of colors and styles. Pair a flirty patterned short with a classic white tank for an easy, relaxed outfit for exploring the sights. You can even dress up a printed tank or tee with leggings or ripped jeans and heels for dinner out or a night on the town. When mixing and matching prints, avoid dark colors to keep your look fresh and summer-ready!

Relaxed, Bohemian Vibes

There’s some wisdom in that whole “When in Rome” thing, but when you’re actually in Europe it just makes sense to embrace the classic boho style. You’re bound to find plenty of people embracing bohemian styles all across Europe, from Vienna to Madrid. Your European vacation is a great chance to relax in ripped jeans and shorts, fun prints, and flowing styles that make for an excellent combination of casual and sophistication. Plus, these outfits are great for staying comfortable in the heat, and for wearing on long plane rides to and from the continent.

Wondering where to wear your boho duds? This trend is perfect for using to inspire your outfits for the beach or an exciting day of shopping. Comfortable boho rompers are great for relaxing in the sand or wandering the streets while flowing dresses in soft patterns make for super go-to outfits for a romantic evening out. Update your boho look with strappy leather sandals, jumpsuits, and fringed bags.

Build Your Vacation Wardrobe

Whether you’ll be setting sail off the coast of Monaco or walking your way through the Louvre, any of these current trends are perfect for your European vacation. Visit our store today to find the right European styles for your big adventure. We’ll help you find the right pieces to help you feel beautiful and confident on your next vacation.

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