How to Dress for the Holidays in Boulder

Living somewhere with unpredictable weather (like Colorado) can make getting dressed up for the holidays a little tricky. We totally get that you want to look cute and chic, but not freeze to death! Boulder is a great place to spend the holidays–whether you live in Colorado or are visiting from elsewhere, this city is famous for great restaurants, amazing vistas, and (of course) fabulous boutiques. Here are Scout & Molly’s best tips for holiday dressing in beautiful Boulder.

It’s all about layers.

Since temperatures can shift so quickly, it’s important to be ready for anything…even if you’re headed to a party or formal dinner. If it’s freezing, wear long underwear under your outfit, or choose a pair of fleece-lined tights to wear with your dress or skirt. Accessorize with winter-ready pieces, like a statement scarf, cute hat or earmuffs, and some fabulous gloves.

Keep it casual…

Boulder is a pretty casual city–whether you’re at a concert or a fancy restaurant, you’ll probably still see people in jeans. We love this laid-back approach, which is also super sensible for colder months. Come into Scout & Molly’s to build a casual outfit that can be dressed up or down. Our stylists will help you find jeans and the perfect top that fits and flatters, while also suggesting some sparkly jewelry to help elevate your look.

…and comfortable.

Between Boulder’s laidback attitude and the cold weather, comfort is key. Instead of stepping out in stilettos, try a pair of heeled booties or fashion-forward flats. Whether you’re headed to artsy North Boulder or the Pearl Street pedestrian mall, you’ll be good to go.

Embrace Boulder style.

If you’re visiting from the East or West Coast and want to embrace that quintessential western style, don’t be afraid to put on your cowboy boots and hit the town. You’ll be surprised by how many other people also have chosen to embrace the beautiful Boulder style!

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