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Living in the ’right now’ is a core pillar of Daydreamer, the Los Angeles-based fashion brand. Founded by Chicago native Laura Glover, Daydreamer carefully chooses which fabrics, designs, graphics, colors, and cuts to use. When you care this much about clothes, everything has to mean something. Daydreamer also wants you to feel something because that’s what you deserve. Indulge yourself with this cool Daydreamer clothing collection that oozes rock ‘n’ roll, love, fearlessness, and fierceness. These stylish and confident pieces encourage wearers to dare to daydream and live those dreams every day.

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Take your place, treat yourself, and be bold. After all, life is too short not to reach for what you really want. Let the music move you and be sure to follow your dreams. Who knows what awaits you right around the corner. Stay present in life, be a Daydreamer, and live in the moment. Track down rockin’ Daydreamer clothing items at a Scout & Molly’s Boutique location near you!

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