In with the New?

New Year's Resolutions--Love Yourself!!!

It’s that time of year when we spend time looking back at the old year and making resolutions for the start of the New Year! When looking in the introspective mirror, we think about all the things about us that we want to change or how we might become better at this or that. As women, we tend to set very high standards and expectations for ourselves and thus, expose ourselves to additional stress.

At Scout & Molly’s at Breton Village, our resolution this year is to love and respect those things we can appreciate as really great about ourselves, the choices that we have made, and the amazing experiences we have gained rather than focusing on flaws and mistakes. Let’s push out the old negative thoughts, and push in some love for the positive lives we are leading. Then, let’s enlist others to join us in this campaign. Come join us in helping you be you!


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