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About UsYour Friendly Fashion Destination

We are Scout & Molly's Brookfield. We truly believe that no one style fits all and that we have to have choices for our customers so that she can find something that makes her feel beautiful and comfortable. Our stylists can help our clients step outside their comfort zone, find new trends and approaches to their style in a comfortable environment.

Our team believes that we should always treat each person that walks through our doors like we want to be treated and we strive to do that each and every day. We take our clients seriously. They become like family, stopping to see what’s new and to catch up with their favorite stylist. We hope that our clients feel like they are shopping in their best friends closet.

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Kara Rankin - Owner of Scout & Molly's Brookfield

I hope a new customer feels welcome, first and foremost.  I want them to feel as comfortable as possible.  Remember that the experience should be like shopping in her best friend’s closet.  If they want help or an honest opinion, we are here to assist in any way. Finally – I want them to have fun.  Clothes shopping can be frustrating for some, but sometimes it is all about attitude.

— Kara Rankin

  • Tell us about yourself and how you got started with Scout & Molly’s?

    After years of living a peaceful suburban life, raising my children and volunteering in church and community, my life was turned upside down when my husband informed me that his employer of almost 10 years no longer required or appreciated his services. It was during his unplanned hiatus from the workforce that we both decided to take greater control of our future. We decided that I would become an entrepreneur and franchise business owner.

    As I searched for my future business it was important that I not only find something in which I could be successful, but something that I believed in. After being introduced to Scout & Molly’s and, in particular, Lisa Kornstein, her story and her vision, I knew I found my match. As the owner of the first Scout & Molly’s in the state of Wisconsin, I can be myself. I am a “people person”. I get energy from and, I hope, give energy to other people. As the owner of Scout & Molly’s, every day I get the chance to welcome both friends and soon-to-be friends into my own little corner of Brookfield (pun intended ) and, hopefully, help them feel better about themselves. That’s what really stood out to me about Lisa’s vision for Scout & Molly’s.

  • What is your favorite part about being a franchise owner?

    All the wonderful owners across the country that I have gotten to meet & collaborate with. Scout & Molly’s owners are such fantastic women who are very supportive of one another. If you have a question, reach out to the group and someone is sure to help you out.

  • What do you hope a new customer feels when she shops at your location?

    First and foremost, welcome. I want them to feel as comfortable as possible. Remember that the experience should be like shopping in her best friend’s closet. If they want help or an honest opinion, we are here to assist in any way. Finally – I want them to have fun. Clothes shopping can be frustrating for some, but sometimes it is all about attitude.

  • When you’re not at Scout & Molly’s, what can you be found doing?

    Wait, I don’t live here?  Kidding.

    Honestly, if I am not here, I am with my family. I have two kiddos that are growing up fast, so I want to be around as much as possible before they leave the nest.

  • What’s your go-to fashion item that you find yourself always wearing?

    Lately, it is earrings. I have begun to feel naked without them. I wasn’t always this way, but I have really fallen in love with statement earrings. I love how they can add a pop of color and can be so irreverent.

  • Whos your fashion icon?

    I love Audrey Hepburn’s style. Simple & chic.

  • What’s your guilty pleasure?

    Romantic movies. I love a good love story. My family likes to make fun of me for my sappy ways.

  • What are five things you can't live without?

    Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee & Chocolate
    Really, though, it is coffee, my family, chocolate, mascara, and my iPhone calendar reminder ding (since I would forget where I need to be without it).
    The rest is simply just gravy.

    1. But if you are talking clothing:
    2. Basic layering tanks – I wear them daily
    3. Pull on denim – yes pull-on. Think comfort.
    4. Cute flats – I am on my feet all day, but I still like to look cute.
    5. Earrings – it is nice way to finish off an outfit
      Mascara – there is nothing a little mascara can’t do to make you feel better.
  • If a customer was visiting your city, what’s the one place you’d say they have to visit?

    Umm, my store would be my first and obvious answer. But seriously, it really depends on the time of year. If you had to see something – explore our lakefront. It is very accessible and beautiful.

  • Describe your style in one hashtag.


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Style with SubstanceCaring for Customers & Communities

We are local and committed to this community and have made our homes here. We give back to multiple charities throughout the year and also bring in local brands as often as possible. We carry a number of amazing brands, so be sure to ask our stylists what their favorite brands are and why.

Not only are we a store but we also are personal shoppers, can provide styling sessions and appointments, do trunk shows and private parties, and help you with a closet refresh. Just ask us! Whether you are a local customer or an online friend we can make your experience unique and meet your needs.

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