Unique Fashion Trends for Spring 2019

There have been many unique styles introduced this season and fashion designers have been experimenting using different elements and creating hot new pieces based on their amazing creative ideas. Scout and Molly’s Boutique of Brookfield is happy to welcome these new looks into our shop, as well as the friends who’ve continuously visited our humble store for that personalized shopping experience they’ve come to love.

Joh Apparel created the Aurora Dress, which extends from the neck down to the thighs. It boasts long sleeves and it features a light camouflage design. This dress is stylish and can be worn anywhere. It’s great for both casual events and traveling and partnering the dress with a few simple accessories would really help pull this outfit together. The dress is made from comfortable materials and it feels light on the skin.

Isle by Meliz Kozan, on the other hand, created this white dress called the Versailles print dress. This dress showcases a native look and it also runs from the neck down to the thighs. The unique print reminds us of what European women might’ve worn centuries ago, brought back with new life. Flowers are the focal point of the dress’ design and are contrasted nicely with bold black stripes.

Finally, BB Dakota created the “X marks the spot” dress, which is a fun spin on the timeless little black dress. The dress features a simple sleeveless black design, covered by a black net which makes up the sleeves and the skirt. The net covering the sleeves and the skirt is adorned with playful black polka dots. The dress is great for casual spring gatherings and can even be worn as a bathing suit cover-up!

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