My Top 3 Couples Halloween Costumes

Dreaming of matching your husband at your next Halloween party, but not sure where to get started? I’ve thought hard about my favorite fashion couples, and settled on who I consider to be the Top 3. What I love most about these looks is that they require little effort and result in lots of style. You and your hubby are sure to be the toast of the witching hour in 2018!

Danny and Sandy from “Grease”


Couples costumes inspired by Danny and Sandy in the film “Grease” are as easy to make as they are fun.

To achieve these sexy retro looks, opt for black jeans, a white tee, and a leather jacket for Danny and fitted black leggings or pants and a black off-shoulder blouse or even a simple v-neck for Sandy. Don’t forget the red heels and big hair!

Yoko and John Lennon


If you’re looking for a simple couples costume that anyone can achieve, I recommend this iconic duo.

A short white dress or white blouse paired with a light-colored skirt are perfect for emulating Yoko’s style, just so long as you top it off with a floppy hat. For the guy’s costume, channeling John Lennon starts with his signature white turtleneck, a blazer, and glasses with circular frames.

Johnny and Baby from “Dirty Dancing”


Another fun vintage look is Johnny and Baby from “Dirty Dancing.” If you and your partner love to strike some moves, you can’t go wrong with this classic couples Halloween costume.

For Johnny, close-fitting black pants and a button-down shirt or black tank are an easy outfit. You have a few more options for becoming Baby. You could go for her iconic end scene dancing dress, or for a more casual look with cutoffs and a bodysuit or tank.

Jumpstart This Year’s Costume Today

Now that you have a few ideas to get you started, it’s time to start planning your own Halloween couples costume. Visit my boutique today to get started!

Beth Gittins, Owner of Scout & Molly's Easton

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