The Best Styles of Dress for Each Body Type

Getting the perfect dress can be a challenge, especially if you’re not sure of your body type. Once you know which silhouette you have and what areas to focus on you can select a dress that is ideal for you.

If you have a pear-shaped body, then you probably tend to carry your weight on the bottom half of your body. Your hips are wider than your shoulders and you have small shoulders and a defined waist. When you’re searching for a dress, find pieces that give proportion to your look and accentuate the top of your body. Wide hem dresses that make the thighs and hips look slimmer are ideal. Fit and flare dresses are perfect for pear shapes since they hide the lower portion of your bottom and have skirts that are flattering to your figure. You may also want to opt for long sleeve dresses to bring more attention to your upper half. Patterned or embellished sleeves work tremendously well for pear-shaped ladies.

If you have little waist definition and a full midsection, you’re likely an apple shape. The most ideal dresses for your figure bring more definition to your waist and show off your legs. Shift and tunic dresses are best for your body type because they help shift the focus away from the middle of your body. Swing dresses are another great option since the skirt is fuller and the hem is shorter, this gives the perception of a smaller waistline.

If you have a rectangular body shape, you have small hips and shoulders but don’t have a defined waist. For women with this body type, skater dresses help give your body more curves since the skirt is full and the waist is cinched. Sleeveless dresses are also great for rectangular figures since they show off your shoulders and arms.

An hourglass figure is often seen as the most envied body type. Women with this body type have a defined waist accompanied by proportioned bust and hips. Form-fitting dresses are great for hourglass body types. Wearing a belt with your dress cinches the waist even more and further defines your shape. Vintage and flare dresses are also appealing on hourglass figures. You can also rock your choice in wrap dresses to show off your waist without adding more volume to your silhouette.

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