3 Summer Fashion Trends for 2020

Are you ready for the best of summer? We know that we are ready to eat watermelon, spend some time by the pool, and read all of those books we’ve been meaning to get to all summer but haven’t had a chance to peruse. Summer also brings some of the best clothing choices around. Are you ready for the best trends of the summer? Here are our top three trends for your summer wardrobe in 2020.

White Summer Jumpsuit


We feel like white has been gone from our lives for a while, but there’s nothing wrong with throwing white dresses, white pants, or white shirts into your wardrobe mix. Nothing says summer like beautiful whites, and these days, you can wear white past Labor Day.

Natural Fabrics

Summer is the perfect time of the year to incorporate natural fibers into your wardrobe such as cotton, denim, linen, and straw. Think about your favorite pieces, and consider how much natural fabrics are a part of those summer pieces. This is the perfect time of the year to add a new pair of linen pants, a straw purse, or a cotton blouse to spice up your summer.

Choose a New Neckline

Summer is a great time to try a new neckline because you don’t have to wear a cardigan or a blazer to work or out to dinner. There are some great summer necklines available right now. Strapless shirts are great for summer, and we’ve seen some amazing tie-front shirts as well as shirts with asymmetrical necklines as well as one-shoulder dresses.

When you’re ready to add to your summer closet stash, come by and see us at Scout & Molly’s English Village, located at 1460 Bethlehem Pike, Suite 225, in North Wales. You can also call us at 267-705-2572. We look forward to seeing you!

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