8 Layering Tricks That Will Help You Outsmart the Weather This Year

The rules for layering up are… well, there aren’t any rules. Or rather, there shouldn’t be, but between friendly advice and fashion magazines, we’re bombarded with numerous guidelines to uphold. But if you’re looking to outsmart nippy weather, you can find some of the best tricks if you’re willing to break the rules. Here are a few to get you started.

Sanctuary Clothing Jacket and Turtleneck

Wear a black turtleneck for your bottom layer. Visually, black does complement anything you can wear. Long-neck, long-sleeve black tops are especially great when worn as a bottom layer because the parts that are exposed serve as accents for the rest of the outfit (and, of course, they keep more of your skin warm).

You can still wear your dress or skirt. Don’t let cold air dictate what you can’t wear. If you’re not ready to put your favorite dress or skirt away just yet, layer them over a pair of jeans. Skinny jeans will work best for this (and for keeping you warmer).

Bring everything together with a belt. When you’re building layers in most instances you have to wear slightly larger or baggier clothing for the topmost layer. Some people like to create stunning visuals with multiple layers, but this can create more opportunities for cold air to get underneath your clothing if any of it is loose. With multiple top pieces, however, you can tie everything together at the waist with a nice belt. It gives all the separate pieces a point of unification to anchor your look and seals up any loose ends at the bottom. Pick a belt that’s a neutral color and simple design to prevent it from over-complicating things.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Scout & Molly’s Boutique has a wide variety of you can use to build your styles. Visit us at The Shoppes at English Village at 1460 Bethlehem Pike in North Wales, or give us a call at 267-705-2572.

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