Comfy Work from Home Clothes

If you’ve recently made the transition to working from home, or you’ve worked from home for a while, you want to dress the part. Working from home allows you to dress down and feel more comfortable. However, you still want to look and feel cute, even if you’re wearing comfy clothes.

Work From Home Comfy Clothing

Working from home looks different for a lot of people, but many of us find ourselves logging on to video conferences during our day. If you’re participating in video conferences, you want to wear tops that are professional and appropriate, but still comfortable. Wearing a bright color can help you stand out, but a pattern can be overwhelming to look at on a computer screen. Consider a light blouse, bright color tee, or tie front shirt.

Nobody can see your bottom half during a video conference, meaning you can get away with wearing loungewear on the bottom. Instead of sitting in your pajama pants all day, think about upgrading your loungewear. This can help you boost your mood and feel more put together, without feeling constricted or refined. Joggers are loungewear, but they don’t have to look like it. Shop from fashionable joggers for a put-together look that is still incredibly comfortable. Black leggings are also a go-to. They can be dressed up or dressed down, but they are always easy to move in and comfortable. If it’s a hot day at home, switch your leggings out for a pair of black biker shorts.

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Your accessories can take your comfortable work from home clothing to the next level. Consider a headband to keep your hair out of your face as you type. A pair of earrings are also a nice way to enhance your outfit during video conferences. Because people can only see you from the waist up, you may as well accessorize with a statement necklace and earrings. Be mindful of jewelry that may make a lot of noise, such as bangles, as these may be distracting to others during your video meetings.

Now that you have some work from home outfit inspiration, you’re ready to shop! Check out Scout & Molly’s Boutique in English Village to find excellent pieces for your remote work. You can find us at The Shoppes at English Village located at 1460 Bethlehem Pike, Suite 225, in North Wales.

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