Easy Ways You Can Layer This Season!

Fall is here, which means it’s time to start layering. Fall is a transitional season with cold mornings and warm afternoons. You want to stay comfortable and fashionable all day long in the trendiest outfits, so try these layering tips:

Want to make a statement with your layered look? Contrast your prints. Wearing contrasting prints is bold, fashionable, and actually pretty easy to do. When you’re selecting clothing, pick printed clothing in complementary colors. Soft blue plaid and brown-tone leopard print pair well together. Try wearing a baby blue flannel over your favorite cheetah-print dress and add a black trench coat and some neutral boots to tie the look together.

Fall Layering

Adding a variety of textures to an outfit is perfect for layering. Texture makes an outfit more interesting and stylish. Try pairing a leather skirt with a knit sweater and a canvas jacket. Add some snake print leather boots into the mix for a trendy look that shows off your personal style.

More Fall Layers

The key to layering is minding your hemlines. When all of your layers have hems that hit at the same part of your body, your outfits look bulky and can feel uncomfortable. When putting together an outfit, try layering a long-line flannel shirt under a cropped vest. Wear these tops with some mid-rise straight-leg bottoms and an open jacket. You can stay warm and flatter your figure in this outfit.

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