New Looks for Spring

Spring is quickly approaching, and it’s time to stock up on a variety of charming and fashionable dresses for the warm months ahead. Whether you need a dress that is professional, elegant, and straight to the point, or whether you need a dress that has a more engaging and blossomy feel, Scout and Molly’s English Village boutique has you covered. With these new dress selections of 2019, you’ll be ready to look refined and magnificently radiant in the upcoming sunny months. Here are the best casual, semi-casual, and semi-formal dress picks of the new spring fashions and styles for the 2019 season.

The sanctuary Johanna dress with floral print will be the ultimate vintage-inspired and flowy essence that is perfect for a sunny day at the boardwalk or a daytime stroll through the local mall. The Johanna dress seamlessly blends together the beautiful and enlightening yellows, oranges, pinks, and red tones that define the notorious spring flower blooms. The ruffle partial sleeve cut and v style neck cut provide the perfect magnitude of subtle adornment, while the light and airy material of the dress ensures optimal comfort levels on those overly hot days. For those reasons, the floral print sanctuary Johanna dress is our boutique’s top pick out of the new casual dresses of the Spring 2019 season.

This Bishop & Young stripe shirt dress is the perfect marriage between a casual look and a semi-formal style. This lovely dress would be ideal for a refreshing spring brunch out on the town, or the office’s annual springtime picnic. This is the boutique’s semi-casual top pick in dresses for the spring season of 2019. The classic hallmark button down look combines flawlessly with the vertical pale pink stripe pattern for a slimming aspect that is sure to be flattering to your shape. The symmetrical chest level double button-fold pockets and the partial cuffed sleeve pieces add the ideal touch of casual to the semi-formal adornment of the classic button up collar. A perpendicular bow tie waist sash completes the dress and the classic airy button-up material ensures that you will not be overheating under the warm rays of the sun.

This Cupcakes & Cashmere livia light purple dress is the top pick for a semi-formal to formal dress of the spring 2019 season because of its exquisite and unwavering elegance. The triple triple-tiered flowy cashmere design gives the dress a perfect level of formalness, while the light lavender shade of color maintains the integrity of a professional appearance. The rounded high halter neck style collar allows for a light and airy feel on those excessively warm days, while the knee level length of the dress preserves the element of modesty in the dress. This one is perfect for a daytime spring outdoor wedding or a warm Sunday morning service at church.

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