The Best Styles of Dress for Each Body Type

Have you ever been browsing among the dress racks and found a dress you absolutely loved, only to try it on in the fitting room and see that it doesn’t fit at all like you expected it to? It can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming to find dresses that perfectly fit the shape of your body. We understand that and feel your pain, which is why our in-store stylists have put together a few tips to make sure your dress and your body work together to make sure you feel like the confident, attractive woman you are.

Apple Shaped

Apple Shaped

A woman with an apple shaped body is often described as being top-heavy. Women with this body type are short-waisted with a large bust-line or wide torso and usually have legs that are long and skinny.

If this is your body type, try dresses that have wide V-necks. In order to give your waist attention, opt for a dress that gathers under your bustline. The skirts of your dresses should be fitted at the top and their hemlines should flare. A great item to wear with these types of dress is the timeless fitted, single-breasted blazer.

Rectangle or Straight Shape Body Type

Rectangle or Straight Shape Body Type

A woman with a rectangle or straight body type should select a dress that draws attention to her waist while making her bottom and top halves look similar in size. One way is to select a form-fitting dress and add a wide, dark belt at the waist. Styles of dresses for this body type include:

  • Dresses with tailored and straight skirts.
  • A dropped-waist skirt.
  • Shirt dresses or sheaths.
  • Dresses with V-necks.
  • Dresses with a short skirt and a matching long jacket.

Scout & Molly’s of English Village

No matter what body type you have, the personal stylists at our English Village boutique are trained to help you find the looks you love. From Bishop + Young and BB Dakota to Elan and Shilla the Label, we’ve got the hottest brands and looks for women of all tastes and styles. Give us a visit in-store or shop online today!

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