5 Strategic, Yet Stylish Outfits To Wear This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about enjoying delicious food with your loved ones. In addition to planning a tasty menu, you also want to plan a stylish and strategic outfit. You want to feel comfortable after enjoying dinner, but you don’t want to compromise comfort for style. For five strategic, yet stylish outfits to wear this Thanksgiving, continue on.

Cardigan Over Turtleneck

A wrap dress is an excellent option for Thanksgiving dinner. You can look formal and sophisticated while feeling cozy and comfortable. Wrap dresses have adjustable waists that you can change before and after dinner. Toss on a pair of fall boots and a trench coat and your Thanksgiving outfit is complete.

If you’ve ever dreamed about wearing sweatpants to Thanksgiving dinner, you can make your dreams a reality this year. You can find high-fashion elastic waistband pants that look formal and elevated. Pair these pants with a turtleneck top and you’re all set.

Slip dresses are the latest fall trend. If you don’t feel like wearing a clingy dress to Thanksgiving dinner, throw an oversized sweater overtop your dress. Consider an all-red look that is festive and flattering, even after you’ve gone back for seconds.

Leggings are stretchy and comfortable, but they’re not exactly formal. If you want to get away with wearing leggings to Thanksgiving dinner, opt for some not-so-obvious leggings that resemble trousers. Toss on a button-down shirt over your leggings and you have a put-together outfit that is comfortable enough for Thanksgiving dinner.

The final look option is a jumpsuit. If you’re planning a Thanksgiving dinner, you may not have the time to find a full outfit and accessories. A jumpsuit simplifies things. You can toss on a jumpsuit with accessories you already have in your closet. Add your favorite belt and your best statement shoes, and you’re ready for Thanksgiving in seconds.

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