Top 5 Best Couples Costumes for Halloween

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of the year. It’s a chance to wear something you never would normally, and it’s always fun to dress up in a movie-inspired costume with your boyfriend or husband. I’ve rounded up five easy couples costumes that have elements you can find at our Kiawah boutique.

Danny & Sandy from Grease


Rock an all-black look with your Danny and Sandy costume. A pair of high-waisted pants, an off-the-shoulder top, and red pumps are all you need. You can also toss on a leather jacket if you want! Your boyfriend will be happy to wear his favorite jeans, a black t-shirt, and a leather jacket. Maybe you can convince him to gel his hair back for a slick greaser look.

Forrest & Jenny from Forrest Gump


We love this choice because Jenny goes through so many styles. You can find everything you need to get her ’70s-inspired, hippie-chic look at Scout & Molly’s. All you need is a flowy dress, tall boots, a piece of statement jewelry, and a shearling vest or jacket. Add a flower crown to channel her wedding-day look! You and your partner will be like peas and carrots!

Holly Golightly & Paul from Breakfast at Tiffany’s


This couples costume is the perfect opportunity to find a new little black dress! It’s Audrey Hepburn’s most iconic look in this classic movie. Just add a string of pearls, oversized sunglasses, and gloves. Your beau needs a tie and a sports jacket to pull off the part of Paul. Voila!

Gatsby & Daisy from The Great Gatsby


If you love 1920s-era style and flapper chic, this Halloween look is for you. Find a dress with a little sparkle at our boutique, and wear it with your favorite heels, a glittery barrette, and maybe a pair of elbow gloves. Your hubby will love how easy this is for him. He just needs to throw on a suit! (Though suspenders and a hat will take his look to the next level.)

Johnny & Baby from Dirty Dancing


All your guy has to do is dress all in black (he can add a leather jacket if it’s chilly), and you’ll need a little pink dress to channel Baby. Practice your dance moves before the party so you can make sure to have the time of your lives. No one is going to put you in the corner!

Ready to Look Boo-tiful?

If you want to try one of these little black dress Halloween ideas, pop over to Scout & Molly’s Kiawah. I can’t wait to help you get ready for the spookiest night of the year!

Darcy Whalen

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