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Women’s Bohemian Style & How to Achieve the Look

Bohemian style is on-trend often. The style combines edginess with femininity, creating an alluring look. Celebrities like Erykah Badu and the Olsen twins can often be found wearing bohemian outfits. If you want to achieve the bohemian style, here’s how:

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3 Summer Fashion Trends for 2020

With summer weather comes summer style. There are new fashion trends every summer that you can use as inspiration when getting dressed in the morning. Express yourself with these three summer fashion trends for 2020:

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A Year-Round Guide to Women’s Hat Styles

Are you looking for a way to add more style to your outfits? To take your fashion to the next level, consider hats. Hats are an easy and functional way to take your fashion to the next level. Here is a year-round guide to women’s hat styles:

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Kiawah Boutique Hats

Introducing Vendor of the Month: Joseph Ribkoff

Scout & Molly’s Boutique is excited to announce our vendor of the month. This month, Joseph Ribkoff is the featured vendor. As the featured vendor, shoppers can receive an exclusive discount on Joseph Ribkoff products. To learn more about Joseph Ribkoff, keep reading.

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All Essentials Your Wardrobe Needs

Every great wardrobe has a strong base of essentials. From jeans with the perfect fit to dresses you can wear anywhere, the following wardrobe basics will be the pieces you reach for over and over again.

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