The Five Little Black Dresses of Halloween

Can you believe it’s already October? Time flies and sometimes Halloween costumes are the last things on our minds. Luckily, I’ve got some killer costume ideas, and all you need to start is a little black dress.

Madonna’s Way


Grab that spunky black dress in your closet and channel your inner Madonna. With a teasing comb and dark eyeshadow, transform into the star of the party! Toss in fishnet gloves and tights, tangles of pearl and silver necklaces, and funky heels, and you’re in for a fab Halloween.

Rebellious Flapper


The Roarin’ 20’s are calling! Go total Gatsby with a little black shift dress for your flapper look. A short bobbed wig, wide fishnet tights, and long, draping necklaces will have you doing the Charleston all night long. And don’t forget your cigarette holder! Dainty puffs now, girls, dainty.

No-Faux Fur Villain


Want an excuse to borrow your BFF’s Dalmatian puppy for the night? Practice your evil eyes – it’s Cruella de Vil! A long black evening gown is an easy find, and goes perfectly with a fur coat and Cruella’s iconic black and white spiky chin-bob.

Addams Family Values

Let’s get creepy – get some long braids in your hair and under-eye makeup, and you’re Wednesday Addams in your little black Halloween dress! Don’t forget to glower at everyone meandering past the punch bowl.

Mad Marla Singer


Have your eye on one of those floppy black hats? Pair it with a loose-fitting black dress and sunglasses for your Marla Singer look. With a furry shrug and a cigarette, you’re the ultimate Fight Club fan. The finishing touch is your name tag, and you’re off to find your Tyler Durden.

Halloween? More like Hallo-Queen!

Ready to try these little black dress Halloween ideas but missing a piece? Don’t let that stop you! Pop over to Scout & Molly’s Kiawah where we have the dresses and the accessories for your dream Halloween costume. I can’t wait to help you complete your look!

Darcy Whalen

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