Women’s Bohemian Style & How to Achieve the Look

Bohemian style is on-trend often. The style combines edginess with femininity, creating an alluring look. Celebrities like Erykah Badu and the Olsen twins can often be found wearing bohemian outfits. If you want to achieve the bohemian style, here’s how:

Bohemian Style

One of the key elements to a bohemian outfit is the length. Bohemian dresses and skirts are often maxi length. You can find maxi-length dresses and skirts in bold floral patterns or animal prints to achieve a bohemian-inspired outfit. These pieces are suitable for wearing during playtime with your children or grabbing brunch with friends. Bohemian maxi dresses and skirts are also comfortable and easy to toss on.

Another way to achieve the bohemian style is by opting for androgynous pieces. Blazers, vests, and jackets made from traditional menswear patterns and fabrics are perfect for getting the look you are going for. Pair these menswear-inspired pieces with ruffled blouses or flowing skirts for a dreamy boho outfit.

When it comes to bohemian fabrics, sheer fabrics are among the most popular. A sheer blouse with bright floral prints or tie-dye patterns is as boho as it gets. To make sheer fabric wearable, layer it over a knit fabric or under a blazer or jacket.

Bohemian style is commonly associated with warmer weather, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t fall and winter boho clothing options. Handmade and knit sweaters are bohemian pieces that are ideal for colder weather. You can layer your knit pieces over dresses and skirts, or you can wear them with statement trousers and jackets.

Flirty and dreamy fringe can take an ordinary outfit into the bohemian realm. Fringe can be flattering and fun. Look for pieces with fringe, such as jackets, cardigans, or sweaters to complete your bohemian wardrobe.

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