Are you ready for the transition from light summer attire to fall-weather clothing? While things don’t become dramatically chilly around southwest Florida, there’s still a slight shift in fashion, which we thought would be fun to cover in this article. Scout & Molly’s is here to help you transition to fall-colored fashion with everything from light jackets and cardigans to boots and scarves.

Transitioning to Fall Apparel

First thing we should mention is that the change from Summer to Fall isn’t exactly like hitting a light switch, especially in sub-tropical places. There are certain clothing items that can help you bridge the gap between “hot” and “chilly” with something compatible with any temperature. Those would include:

  • Light Jackets (especially denim, which is very fashionable this year)
  • Knit Sweaters (again, don’t go too heavy with the material)
  • Trendy Boot-Cut Jeans (and the boots to match them)
  • Light scarves and hats

Then, once you’ve decided which areas of your wardrobe to bolster for the fall, you can select terrific items that figure into the autumn color scheme. These would include tan, beige, brown, orange, and various shades of red.

Many popular clothing lines will make further color distinctions with novelties like “caramel” or “mocha.” As you know, throughout the fall, there’s a certain pumpkin/coffee theme that permeates even into apparel.

Ways to Make Summer Outfits Fit for Fall Purposes

If you don’t want to re-haul everything, but would rather augment your wardrobe strategically, there are a few ways to turn summer outfits into fall wear.

  • Keep the gorgeous sundress, but add to it with a cute cardigan or blazer.
  • Focus on ways to layer your clothing. Remember that it’s chillier in the morning, but it could still feel like summer by 2 o’clock around our area. This means you should devise ways to add or subtract accessories throughout the day.
  • Textured products are also a great way to go. Consider coats or jackets with leather or velvet materials.
  • Switch your footwear, too. This might mean shifting from sandals to closed-toe items like boots or casual flats.

Get Fabulous Fall Attire at Scout & Molly’s

As we approach our Fourth Anniversary, we continue to optimize our women’s apparel options to accommodate any style or seasonal trend. We’re one of many franchises within the Scout & Molly’s business, which means we have access to a plethora of outstanding clothing lines you can’t find elsewhere.

So, if you’re ready for new clothes this fall, then it’s not too late to check out everything we offer at Scout & Molly’s in Lakewood Ranch. We’re the fastest-growing boutique and clothing shop anywhere in southwest Florida. Call us in advance with questions or comments at 941-210-4686.

Posted on October 25th, 2022