Color selection can make all the difference in the world. This is true of women’s apparel and it even affects your mood and that of those around you.

Are there certain colors that can help a woman exude power and confidence?

Yes, in fact, color strategy should be a significant part of your wardrobe whether you want to appear stronger, kinder, cheerful, mournful, or anything else. Check out these colors and how they impact women’s fashion.

Clothing Colors & What They Signify

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Black & Red – Let’s start with black and red because they’re the two colors you would use to convey authority and power. While they also symbolize negative concepts, like death and danger, they’re the best ways to display confidence. A clean, collared red blouse can help a woman appear beautiful, competent, and respectable. Black ties and shoes are also the typical attire for more professional activities and gatherings. Even judges don black robes while presiding over court.

Orange – Orange is another one you can use to convey confidence, and it’s also a friendlier option. It’s a nice middle ground between the firmness of red and the sunny disposition of yellow.

Blue – Blue always helps you stay calm and relax. It’s not a coincidence that leisure establishments (i.e., restaurants, resorts, hotels) tend to use lots of blue. Of course, if you want to really relax, then don’t forget to grab a pair of comfy blue denims.

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Yellow – Yellow dresses are the perfect complement to a bright smile. If you want to share your optimism and hopeful disposition with the world, wear something with a brighter yellow hue.

Purple & Violet – Purple and violet come from mixing blue and red. When there’s more red than blue, you get a more regal purple. Violet is the product of more blue than red and symbolizes mourning, repentance, and sorrow.

Brown/Tan/Nude – These wonderful autumn colors reflect equanimity, stability, and tranquility. We always feel at peace with a pleasant light brown sweater.

Green – Green is for growth, which might remind you of either cash or trees. This is also one of the more harmonious colors; great all year long.

White – White represents cleanliness, purity, and virtue. For a psychological advantage, consider wearing white for a job interview, to help promote an honest image to your prospective employer.

Pink – Pink refers to love, compassion, and vulnerability. This lovely color comes from mixing white (purity) with red (heart color).

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Posted on February 16th, 2023