You walk into the café. Your girlfriends are already seated, mimosas in hand. It’s your monthly brunch, and never a dull moment with these ladies. As you make your way to the table, their heads turn your way, and you see all their eyes get wide and faces light up in smiles. “That DRESS!” one of them gasps. You strike a pose, hamming it up, while they ooh and aah at your new look. It’s a chic, form-fitting dress that perfectly matches your eyes and makes you feel like a million bucks—a totally different look from the loose, neutral-colored dresses you usually wear. When you had first eyed the dress at Scout and Molly’s, you didn’t think you’d ever wear something so bold. But Nikki, the boutique owner, encouraged you to try it on. Boy, was she right! When you stepped out of the fitting room and saw yourself in the mirror, you knew you had to have it. It made you feel ten years younger and gave you confidence you never thought you possessed.

The whole experience was incredible, and now, seeing your friend’s reactions, you feel so blessed to have stepped through the doors of Scout and Molly’s. You can’t wait to see what you find next time!

Going Above And Beyond To Keep The Store Thriving

John and Nikki Simon are the dedicated owners of the local Scout and Molly’s Boutique. As the executive vice president and CFO of the corporate Scout and Molly’s, John has a passion for the brand, so when the local franchise was facing closure, Nikki wanted to keep it alive. “The Lakewood Ranch franchisee had called to inform me the owner had passed away, and he needed to liquidate the store. After getting off the phone, John and I talked; we decided we wanted to see the store succeed.”

So, Nikki left her successful career to start a new journey and has owned the store for over a year now. “As a husband-and-wife team, we’ve grown together. We’ve also grown with the community. We have an annual charity event every year. It will benefit the American Red Cross this year. We’re very community grounded. I just joined the Sisterhood for Good and look forward to being a part of that and helping the community.”

Nikki is also passionate about helping people feel good about themselves inside and out. “I think self-confidence starts in how you feel and look. If you feel good and look good, your whole day goes well. We carry a wide range of styles for women aged twenty-five and up. We can dress you in your preferred style, but we hope you’ll step outside the box and try something different.” When they aren’t being a stellar power couple, John and Nikki love to travel and spend time with family. “We have custody of our three grandchildren, so there’s never a dull moment! We are always running between gymnastics, sports, school, and time with friends.” John, dedicated to giving their grandchildren a rich and full life, starts his day bright and early. “I get up at 4 a.m. with my grandson to take him to JROTC, then come back and help the girls get ready for school. I kiss my wife goodbye, and then she goes off to work. We’re busy all day, then we get home, make dinner, and settle down. At the end of the evening, I’m thinking about what a fun-filled day it was. I never wake up wondering, What will I do today?” Keeping up with three young grandkids while running a successful business is no small feat, but these two give it their all. Their passion and dedication are a testament to their love for each other, their family, and their community.

Unique Finds At A Great Price

Hayley Englander loves shopping at boutiques that are reasonably priced but in fashion.
“I was thrilled to find Scout & Molly’s. Nikki is a great buyer and changes her stuff up a lot. I’ve bought things for my daughter, myself, and my mother-in-law. In this small shop, it’s great that you can find things for different ages. Nikki has great customer service and a special way with people. She’ll always truthfully tell you how something looks on you; I love that honesty. I also enjoy supporting local businesses. I know it’s a small chain, but it’s still locally owned.
“The customer service is incredible, and Nikki always remembers you. They’re interesting and fun, and the styles are very playful. You won’t find their clothes just anywhere.”

A True Gift To The Community

Nancy Doherty loves going into Scout and Molly’s! “Everyone is so friendly! Every time I go in, I think, Okay, what will I find this time? Nikki has a lot of different styles and colors. When I go in with my daughter, she can find things, and I can find things. It’s a fun store to go to when I want something new and want to have fun.
“Nikki is great. She helps a lot, is easy to talk to, and has a great sense of style. It’s my go-to store. I love shopping at boutiques and smaller shops and the attention you get. They’re there to help you and make the experience great.
“Nikki has opened the store to the community and does special and charity events. She even recently sponsored an event to promote a children’s book my son-in-law wrote about foster dogs, where the proceeds benefited Nate’s in Bradenton. It was wonderful; she really cares.”

A Fun And Exciting Environment

Courtney Altman adores Scout and Molly’s, and it has quickly become her favorite store.
“It’s a fun place! I love Nikki and her staff. They are very honest, a lot of fun, and I love the energy. I have always been a Macy’s or Nordstrom girl, but you can’t find people to help you like you do at Scout and Molly’s. I started going in there once a week, and I never walk out without a little something.
“Their selection, attention to detail, offering beverages—it’s all wonderful. I’ve gotten some nice pieces from there. They help you pick something out and don’t just sell it to sell it. That’s what I love about it. They also have Scout and Molly’s points, so they reward you for your business. You can accrue points and get rewarded for getting just about anything.
“Nikki always remembers you and your events and asks how the outfits went. You’ll never go in twice the same week and find the same thing. Nikki always has things coming in. She puts different pieces out at different times and constantly refreshes everything weekly. Anytime you make a purchase, they walk you out and open the door for you. It’s so lovely.”

Scout and Molly’s Boutique is located at 5275 University Parkway, Suite 132, in Bradenton, 34201. For more information, call 941-210-4686, email, or visit their website at

Posted on November 30th, 2023