What’s Your Spring Time Nail Look?

Spring is the time of year when we crawl out of our cozy winter holes and flaunt our fashion. It’s an intense season of bright colors and new textures.

With all of the options that spring offers us as fashion lovers, it can be hard to find the definitive look of the season, so, why not try them all?

Because of the many faces of spring, you might find yourself rotating those flirty watercolor skirts and popping on the world’s thinnest white cardigan. If you want to tie all of that glam together, use your nails!

A spring manicure is the best way to take every outfit from our Lakewood Ranch boutique to the next level. Nail trends are just as noticeable as shoes and skirts and with all of the season’s opportunities to be seen, put those nails to work for your wardrobe. Here is how to match your nails to your springtime vibe!

1) Tennis and Lemonade? Try White

1) Tennis and Lemonade? Try White

Is your spring fashion sense on the nautical and retro side? Perhaps you like a collared shirt and kitten heel for your garden parties?

White manicures are sure to pop and stand out in a classy way that doesn’t show off. Because white is a less common nail color and has a unique sheen, it will tie in with any outfit and particularly stand out when coordinated with white shoes and flirty button-ups.

2) Flower Crowns and Yoga? Go for Pastels

2) Flower Crowns and Yoga? Go for Pastels

Easter is a pastel holiday but we don’t have to turn the saturation back up once it’s over! Keep your blue, pink, or soft yellow pastel colors all season to match with the floral prints you will be sporting on the patio.

Keeping your colors soft is just right for a light sweat outside. You can even alternate the colors on your nails if you want to get a little extra spicy.

3) Brunch and Shopping? Go for Lime Green

3) Brunch and Shopping? Go for Lime Green

Bright and vibrant can sometimes look too punk, but in the springtime, you’ll be matching the vibes of the trees. If you like to take fashion risks, bright lime green is just the way to make every outfit just a little bit more daring.

Put that bold color to the test by matching your lipstick, too! You can wear muted tones during the day to help put your manicure at the center of the stage.

When it comes to coordinating with your wardrobe and outfits, how you choose to style your nails is ultimately up to you. If you’re looking for advice on how to fill your wardrobe for spring and how to shop so that your clothes, shoes, accessories, and nails all complement each other then we encourage you to drop by and speak with our team of fashion experts. We promise to provide you with a personal shopping experience that will make you feel welcomed and celebrated in an atmosphere that is friendly and inviting. We hope to see you soon!

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