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Women's boutique in Austin, TX

Scout & Molly's Domain NORTHSIDE

3211 Palm Way, Suite No. 136
Austin, TX 78758


Hours of Operation:
Monday: 10:00a to 8:00p
Tuesday: 10:00a to 8:00p
Wednesday: 10:00a to 8:00p
Thursday: 10:00a to 8:00p
Friday: 10:00a to 8:00p
Saturday: 10:00a to 8:00p
Sunday: 12:00p to 6:00p

About the Owner Dinah & Sid Obied

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  • Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started with Scout & Molly’s.

    Three years ago Sid and I were living and working overseas in Dubai as expats and decided that it was time for us to move to be closer to my family in Texas. As we spent our entire career thus far working in senior positions in large corporations, we knew that we wanted to take a different path and wanted to own a business of our own. We started to explore various opportunities and came across Scout & Molly’s. It was an area that neither of us had worked in before but having a background in business we knew it would be something we could do, albeit with a learning curve! Before we decided to move forward with this venture we met with the founder Lisa Kornstein Kaufman and that pretty much sealed the deal. We both really loved Lisa and her story.

  • What made you open a store in your location?

    I grew up in Austin and although I had been away for 16 years, I knew it was the right time to come back Austin is growing at an exponential rate and we knew the opportunity here was great.

  • What is your favorite part about being a franchise owner?

    We are so proud of what our store has become. It’s a beautiful space and somewhere that customers come to and see a familiar face. Austin is booming, both for relocations and tourism. Every day we meet new customers, not only from Austin but more times that not from all around the state and country, which makes our job so much more interesting.

  • What is your favorite line of clothing or designer from Scout & Molly’s?

    That’s a hard one as there are so many! But if I had to pick I’d say AG, Tolani, Sanctuary, and Gentle Fawn are my favorites as well as the customers. Austin is very casual so these brands suit the lifestyle here.

  • What do you hope a new customer feels when she shops at your location?

    Sid and I are in the store almost everyday and customers appreciate that we remember them and take the time to get to know them. Shopping shouldn’t be a chore! So when ladies coming into our store we want to make their experience a fun and memorable one.

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