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Women's boutique in South Windsor, CT

Scout & Molly's Evergreen Walk

Evergreen Walk

201 Evergreen Way Suite 265
South Windsor, CT 06074


Hours of Operation:
Monday: 10:00a to 7:00p
Tuesday: 10:00a to 7:00p
Wednesday: 10:00a to 7:00p
Thursday: 10:00a to 7:00p
Friday: 10:00a to 7:00p
Saturday: 10:00a to 7:00p
Sunday: 11:00a to 6:00p

About the Owner Michelle McNeilly

Michelle McNeilly, Owner of Scout & Molly's Evergreen Walk

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  • Tell us about yourself and how you got started with Scout & Molly’s?

    I worked in the healthcare field for Fortune 500 companies for approximately 20 years. Since college, I dreamed of owning my own business. After college graduation, I started working for one of the top healthcare companies in their sales division and enjoyed being a support to physicians and their patients. After two children and 20 years in the healthcare field, I began searching for opportunities of business ownership. A friend of mine, who knew I loved fashion, contacted me to tell me about a boutique carrying many of my favorite brands called Scout & Molly’s. Scout & Molly’s was new on the scene as a Franchisor and my friend thought it would be a perfect fit for my desire to be an entrepreneur and love for the fashion industry.

  • What is your favorite part about being a franchise owner?

    Most people buy into a franchise for operations, name recognition, brand access, and support.

  • What do you hope a new customer feels when she shops at your location?

    I want customers to feel like they are shopping in their best girlfriend’s closet. My goal is for women to feel like they are to visiting a trusted friend who will help them select new styles and provide an honest opinion.

  • When you’re not at Scout & Molly’s, what can you be found doing?

    When I’m not at Scout & Molly’s, I can be found enjoying time with my family doing just about anything. We enjoy most outdoor activities, boating, concerts, sporting events, comedy shows, and going out to dinner. I live by the philosophy that everyday is a gift, there is no guarantee of tomorrow, so let’s enjoy today.

  • What’s your go-to fashion item that you find yourself always wearing?

    I really love leather jackets and wear them as much as possible. I have approximately eight leather jackets, but I’m still on the hunt for a classic black moto jacket.

  • Whos your fashion icon?

    Anyone who has visited by boutique may have noticed the black & white photos on the wall. I love the style of Grace Kelly…the epitome of classic old hollywood style. I love the old Hollywood Style and Glamour of the 1950s. The women exuded sophistication and it was during this time fashion icons like Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, and Audrey Hepburn were elevated to star status.

  • What’s your guilty pleasure?

    My guilty pleasure is watching the Godfather series with a glass of wine. I have probably seen this movie at least 20 times, but it never gets old. I will never forget…the first time I watched the entire series of this film was with my husband four days after our daughter, Madi, was born. We were first time parents and nervous to take her outside, so we stayed inside for a movie marathon.

  • What are five things you can't live without?

    Five things I can’t live without; 1) my kids and husband, 2) exercise…I get grumpy without it, 3) wine, 4) phone, 5) premium denim.

  • If a customer was visiting your city, what’s the one place you’d say they have to visit?

    I live in Madison, CT, so I would suggest Hammonasset Park. There’s a spot for camping, museum, and a great stretch of beach.

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