How to Look Gorgeous When You’re Glamping

June 15, 2018
How to Look Gorgeous When You’re Glamping

While you may still technically be camping, the glamping trend is all about adding glitz and glamour to an otherwise rugged excursion. That means fun tents or campers loaded with bohemian and shabby-chic decor that can be great inspiration for your glamping outfits. If you’re ready to style vacation outfits for your glamping adventure that are cute and comfortable, keep reading for a few fun tips.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Layer, Layer, Layer

The Front Cardigan by Lanston

Even if you’re going camping in the middle of summer, layers are a must anytime you’ll be spending your days and nights outdoors. A passing rainstorm, a climb in elevation during a hike, or even nightfall can cause humidity to fade and the temperatures to drop. Dressing in several versatile layers will allow you to add or subtract clothing to stay comfortable.

The Front Cardigan by LanstonLuckily, creating cute layered glamping outfits is a breeze. If you’re expecting cool temps, start with a short sleeve T-shirt and add flannels, sweaters, jackets, or long sleeve tees. Stick to neutral colors or a single color scheme to create a boho look. In the summer, light jackets or thin sweaters make terrific warmer layers, while tank tops and graphic tees are perfect underneath. A cardigan is an easy piece to wear and layer. It adds a touch of warmth without being too bulky and getting in your way. This Front Cardigan by Lanston is lightweight and ideal for layering on cool summer nights.

Let the Glamping Decor Inspire You

If you’re glamping in a boho chic tent or retro camper, let the decor inspire you to create shabby-chic, bohemian outfits. Tie-dye, fringe, and other retro fashions are all game, as are plenty of prints and colors. Choose pieces that are still comfortable enough to move around in tight spaces like a tiny camper or tent. It’s also a good idea to steer clear of fabrics that wrinkle easily. Even though glamping is an upgrade, it’s unlikely that your tent or RV will be equipped with a closet for hanging your clothes!

Choosing the Right Clothing for Your Glamping Outfits

The Seeker Floral L/S/ Dress from Shilla the Label

While a dress might seem like an odd choice for an ordinary camping trip, glamping is a different game. That means that this Seeker Floral L/S/ Dress from Shilla the Label is a stylish, boho chic piece that will look right at home at camp.

Go Sporty

While bohemian layers make for cute glamping outfits, if you’ll be doing any hiking, biking, or other outdoor activities during your trip, you’ll want to choose clothing that lets you move and keeps you cool while on the go. Sporty pieces like joggers, sweatshirts, or racerback tanks give your body a greater range of motion than jeans or blouses made from unforgiving fabrics.

The Audra Ruffle Hoodie by Sanctuary is a lovely take on a simple closet staple. Roomy enough to add a layer or two underneath, and boho-ready for your glamping pics, its an easy, warm piece to add to your list of glamping outfits.

Choosing the Right Clothing for Your Glamping Outfits

Choosing the right fabrics, cuts, and styles can make all of the difference when planning your glamping outfits. Ready to put the tips on this list to work to prepare for your camping adventure? Visit Scout & Molly’s Boutique in Loveland to shop our selection of designer clothing today!

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