Melissa Novell is a highly skilled professional retail executive. She brings with her over 25 years of retail experience and over 21 years of Women’s fashion retail specialty store experience. She has even owned her own franchise.

Melissa began her retail career working at a luxury retail brand and has held SVP and VP Merchandising roles with several key retailers across the country. Since her specialty experience was in a value conscious market, she knows how to negotiate great prices with vendors, in order to pass that value to the consumer.

She, also, works closely with her vendors on trend direction and possesses an uncanny ability to identify and forecast key fashion trends. This enables her to select the next big fashion idea. Melissa has a passion for the retail business, is decisive and a great communicator. She guides the purchase of key fashion styling with enthusiasm and conviction. In addition, she has
extensive experience shopping Europe for trend direction, product development, and traveling overseas to source product with manufacturers.

In combination with Melissa’s fashion sense, she is excellent at store merchandising and strategizing a cohesive marketing and promotional plan. This all combines with a skill set in the financial planning process, in order to be able to deliver a revenue generating business plan.

At Scout & Molly’s, Melissa oversees all retail buying and merchandising activities with a focus on helping our franchisees grow and enhance their businesses.

During her spare time, Melissa enjoys her family, two dogs (Macy and Bandit), attending vintage automobile shows, and playing golf.