Look like a Local on Your European Vacation

June 15, 2018
Look like a Local on Your European Vacation

Every country in the world has its own unique culture. While it’s fine to bring your own style along with you, taking a few cues from the locals can be a great way to experiment with new clothing and avoid standing out as a tourist. Whether you’ll be setting sail on a Mediterranean cruise, relaxing on a beach in France, or sightseeing your way through multiple countries, there are a few important style rules that you’ll want to follow. Keep reading to learn what they are so that you can choose the perfect vacation outfits for your adventure.

Choose Clothing That Fits Your Body

Choose Clothing That Fits Your Body

The Open Back Maxi Dress by Boho Me

One European style that is easy to follow and can make a big difference in the look of your vacation outfits is choosing clothing that properly fits your body. This isn’t to say that everything you wear needs to be form-fitting. Instead, it means that your clothes shouldn’t be baggy and oversized on your frame.

A simple way to employ this trend is with high waisted, flared shorts like the Winston Short from Naked Zebra. When paired with a crisp white tank or tee, the fit will accent your shape while the stripes and colors will leave you looking like you’re straight out of a postcard for the Greek Isles. A gorgeous flowing gown like the Open Back Maxi Dress by Boho Me is still a winner for a day at a port when you’re on a cruise or having dinner at a cozy bistro. Just be sure to choose the size that fits your body so that it looks polished as opposed to baggy.

Leave the Bulky Bags at Home

This aversion to the oversized items also applies to bags. You won’t see many Europeans toting big backpacks or heavy purses. Smaller, structured pieces are the better choice. If you want to avoid looking like a tourist, leave the backpacks at home. As a bonus, you won’t have as much room to overload your purse, which means less weight to tote around while shopping or sightseeing!

Don’t Mix and Match Clothing for Different Occasions

One trend that isn’t as popular in Europe as it is in the states? Athleisure. This is especially true in France. You won’t see many Parisian women dining or shopping in their joggers or a wicking tank top. If you’ll be hitting the beaches, cruising the Mediterranean, or wandering Paris on your Eurotrip, wear your workout clothing to the gym, and nowhere else. Europeans, and especially Parisians, are more likely to view each piece of clothing as having a specific purpose, and they only wear it for that purpose.

 When You Leave the Beach, Leave Your Suit Behind

The Athena Jumpsuit from Elan

This doesn’t mean that you can’t choose comfy clothing for a day on the town. Linen, cotton, and other soft, comfortable fabrics are still game, but in cuts, colors, and styles that are better suited to the local fashion. For instance, the Athena Jumpsuit from Elan has a loose and functional fit that won’t get in your way when you’re wandering side streets or strolling a boardwalk, but will also look perfectly at home dining in a French bistro or at a cliffside restaurant in Greece.

When You Leave the Beach, Leave Your Suit Behind

While your outfits for the beach should absolutely include swimsuits and coverups, when you wander from the sand and into town, plan on changing your clothes. Unlike in some seaside cities in the U.S., you won’t see many bikini-clad women wandering the shops at any beach towns across Europe.

Styling Your Vacation Outfits for a Eurotrip

Putting these style guidelines to work can be a great way to choose vacation outfits that will look great and help you stay comfortable while exploring the sights or relaxing on the beach. Are you ready to start searching for beach vacation dresses, outfits for the beach, and more? Visit our Newport Beach location to shop our selection of designer pieces to find the perfect ones for your European adventure!

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