4 Couples to Inspire Your Couples Halloween Costume

If you’re dreaming of matching your mate at your next Halloween party, and think your only option is yet another cat and dog costume or superhero-duo imitation, think again. The best couples costumes are those that shun all things shiny and polyester in favor of fashionable alternatives that you’ll actually wear again once the holiday is over.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the best couples costumes featuring chic outfits you’ll love and accessories, tops, and that favorite dress you likely already own!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge


If you’ve got a chic sheath dress or tailored jacket that’s been sitting in your closet just begging to be worn, this simple Halloween couples costume is the perfect chance.

Besides your dress or jacket, I suggest a pair of classic heels and a perfectly-styled blowout to help you mimic Kate’s timeless air. Pair your matching man in a suit, and practice waltzing into the room with your best royal wave!

David and Victoria Beckham

Letting this fashionable couple inspire your look ensures you’ll look chic and sexy at your next costume party.

For the female in the pair, I suggest a fitted mini dress and a pair of stilettos. For the guys, an English nationals team jersey completes this quick and easy couples costume.

Johnny Cash and June Carter


If your hubby already owns a black suit and guitar, this duo is ridiculously easy to emulate. I suggest a 70s inspired outfit of your choosing, because the real trick to pulling off this look is the hair.

Jenny and Forrest from “Forrest Gump”


Another simple look has one person dressing in a hippie-inspired maxi dress and vest and the other in khaki pants, a white tee, and a Bubba Gump hat.

Bonus points if you can show off your best Alabama drawl.

Start Shopping for Your Couples Costume Today

Now that you have some inspiration for your Halloween couples costume, visit my store to start putting your look together!

Blair Dickey-White

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